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Member Opinions

Smilo Smilo

They guys were pretty nice and cute. I love the opening song <3 The animetion was good as well. But the guys was so weak and the girl (Tamaki) she could not do anything. So the anime got bored after a while :(. I hope the next season will be better... :)

Monu-chan Monu-chan

A very good anime for me and for those who loves otome and yone kazuki.The plot is covered with maple leaves and spider lilies, makes you feel like autumn and also gives a romantic feel, it also a reason that I love this anime because most of anime use plot background as cherry blossoms and makes plot in spring season but this is fully different from that kind.The openings and endings were great too 'coz maiko fujita's voice give a more romantic+sad felling.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I was surprised to see this being made as an anime. The first episode does a pretty good job of introducing the characters and the plot basis. Plot-wise, the premise is pretty straight-forward, and I assume since this was adapted from an otome game, the show will be more romance-oriented. But I recall that Hakuouki was pretty plot-heavy and drier on romance, so I could be wrong. It’s a pretty dangerous move taking Hiiro no Kakera in a plot-oriented direction though because that could potentially expose a lot of weaknesses in the show; not saying otome games have no plot, but their plots aren’t necessarily…the most complicated things in the world. The atmosphere is another wild card, as from this episode, it seems like Studio DEEN is going for an eerie vibe. I’m not sure how that’s going to blend with the lighter moments in the series. Animation held its own, which is pretty commendable since Kazuki Yone’s art is pretty hard to top. While I find the game’s art to be more appealing, it’s definitely unfair to be comparing it against the show’s animation since the source material contains a lot of minute details that the animators can’t copy. That said, the characters at least resemble their game counterparts, and Studio DEEN even managed to replicate some of the opening CG’s.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

This anime is too girly. One girl n alot of boys. Even the boys fighting scene (with some kind of monster) didnt look that great n manly. Too much magic use. N the fact I dont really like girl who always looks weak n only can do some powerful magic but not too often, makes me didnt really like this anime. The artwork looks great, though.

aureawolf aureawolf

I do appreciate the eye treat, but I don't care for the chick very much (basically, 'cause she doesn't have character) and the male-harem formula is way too obvious. It was just 13 episodes and that's it! Nothing happened and they didn't even exploid Ryou Kutani D:<!!! Such a weak plot, seriously... Such a waste of goooood elements. Anyway, the very idea of having a bunch of cute guys just for your protection/amusement/pleasure/whatever... never gets old xD (I laugh so much with the fanservice at the end of every chapter xDDDD).
Now, the second season is on... it's soooooooooo boring! And now, everyone (except for Ryou) has gotten even more whiny! I never thouht that could be even possible... -_-'

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

After 13 eps I still have the feeling that what I'm watching is only a prologue to the true story. Guess I should play the game if I want to see something more, cause the anime itself is rather boring. Good to watch some hot guys and relax but it's nothing special really if it comes to plot (what was I expecting? its based on otome game after all^^). The only thing that I really love about this anime is the opening theme song^_^ Hakuouki is better I think (better graphics, more hotter bishies, more action, but plot... well its an otome game... what do we expect^^)

galexia galexia

The men are hot the main female character stupid... The action scenes usually are interrupted by her either saying "no" "stop" "be careful" or thinking she is useless as a Tamayori hime bla-bla etc. (I seriously dislike the "Orihime" type - bleach)
the rate I gave is for the handsome male characters and because I hope that in the second season he will become a pretty oni!!

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