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People of different backgrounds, all gathered in the bright housing district of Tokyo called "the city of light":
1) Notsu, an overworked mangaka, and his girlfriend, Sayo, who are considering their life and future together.
2) Haruko, a girl consumed by thoughts of revenge for her attacker, and Tasuku, an elementary school-aged boy who guides suicidal people to their demise.
3) Nishiyama, a "natural airhead" who builds a surprising friendship with her odd classmate, Higashi.
4) Houichi, Haruko's "stalker", who is presented in a new light, along with his housemates, Satoshi and Momoko.
5) Taiki Satou, a little boy who is very mature for his age, and who contemplates life and death.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

It's a manga that has to be read and enjoyed slowly. There's something to ponder in every page, from the expressions on the characters' faces (either normal or exaggerated) to sentences that are in no way empty or filler. To put it simply, every sentence has a part in the story and characterization, none is devoid of sense or used as a simple placeholder.

Thanks to Inio Asano's superb storytelling, you'll probably end up with different opinions on the characters, than the ones you started out with. And that's a good thing; it helps remind the reader that people aren't defined just by a single personality trait or (more importantly) through a single point of view. Every character presents themselves as the "hero" of their story and is at the same time presented through the eyes of other characters.

Go read it.

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