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Hiyokoi is an ongoing manga! Sooo cuteee! I really really like it!
The story may sound usual but it totally isnĀ“t :)
Hiyori Nishiyama is a 15-year-old girl who is extremely shy and short. After being hospitalized for a year, due to a car accident, she starts going to high school as a freshman, along with her best friend Ritsuka. In her class there is a boy who is very tall and seems to have a lot of friends. His name is Yuushin Hirose and becomes Hiyori's friend (even if at the beginning Hiyori is not very happy with his habits). After an accident where her panties were shown to the class, she starts making friends and falls in love with Yuushin. She is so cuuute! GOD! Yuushin is sooo tall and she is sooo tiny. Spoiler: I loved when they stared going out! She was tring so hard and he was always there for her X) CUTENESS OVERLOD!
They are also super funny! They are what you need when you had a bad day! A refreshing funny love story :)

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