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Rosegirl18's Honey and Clover Tv Review

Rated: 8

The true genius within Honey & Clover would be the way it is presented. I found myself to be very impressed with the direction, as no episode is boring, despite the simple plot.

A series such as Honey & Clover could have very easily turned into a boring drone of an anime, but the subtle bursts of humor as well as the realistic evolution of the characters make Honey & Clover a very enjoyable watch.

I recommend this series for its drama and purity. Its dialogue will pierce your heart by the way it delves into the very core of growing up and the emotions that surround it.

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Member Opinions

singlemoon singlemoon

I love the first season better since things aren't too serious back then, but the second season are...hm...acceptable since we finally get to see everyone's closure.
One of the thing I just love in this anime is the humor. My favorite characters would be Yamada and Morita. They're a good pairing, but that just pretty impossible. Also, the OST are great, and Honey and Clover is the reason why I hunt down song from Suneohair and Suga Shikao. XD

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Etto... I guess it will be my personal favourite series next to Tegami Bachi and Peacemaker Kurogane. Thanks to the fact I'm an art student myself, it seems so familiar and I can understand the characters in 100%. I just feel the same. It helped me with important decisions in my life, so I think this show will always be something special to me.
Ok, anyway the plot and characters seems like a true story. Its about everyone's life (everyone of us watchers I mean). Espiecially that Morita... I haven't seen such original and unbelievable character in ages (it was like a love from the first sight^_^)... really, I looove the humor in this show! It just like sitting in front of the screen and laugh hardly to myself!^_^ we have love stories (very good ones, everyones feelings are changing and developing with the time), friendship stories and problems of the very talented people. Also many other problems and the flowing time itself... soul serching, how reality changes to good memories.. Souds sad, eh? Somethimes it is, but there is really a lot of specific humour too.. and that Morita again, making me laugh the most!^_^ Awesome! I'll watch the japanese drama next (with Toma Ikuta^_^)!
Finished the drama as well already, at first I thought It couln't be as good as the anime (Morita is different somehow, not so funny anymore), but I guess it was. Especially I like drama's Takemoto, I can understand the meaning of this character a lot better now (as expected from Ikuta Toma^_^), relationship of Morita x Hagu changed, but its good this way too I think^_^

Glukogen Glukogen

I liked it so cozy and warm atmosphere of the relations of heroes. In the anime, you'll see that friendship does not have to go through treachery and deception. I was never able to figure out who the main character in the story, as the fate of each character is important. And what events are taking place against a background of art school I more than pleased.
By the way, Morita Shinobu is very close to my ideal - a cheerful, sociable, handsome, talented and slightly crazy))

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Slice of life.
I think the first season is still okay, all happy and the tension isn't really high, I really enjoyed this series, cause it's almost real.
But the second season? Well, it's very intense (for some character) but still it have the humour that made me felt in love with this series.
I totally recommend this series!

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Characters were very relatable. Hagu was kind of annoying, but I really identified with Ayumi and her situation with Mayama and Nomiya. I love SPITZ, which was a big draw for me to continue watching this series-- their music just really paired nicely with the scenes in the anime.

tsuyutsuki tsuyutsuki

My sister started reading after I bought the first vol. Then I gave up buying and she took over the manga...
Overall is not a bad one, but the art is not the best ( I am very picky when it comes to art ) and the story is getting on my nerves already....
Finished reading, though,

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

simply love it...XD...

the basic story so natural and so sweet...
that's the reason you're gonna fall in love for this one...

and totally love the OST sooooo much...
especialy suga shikao and spitz one...:)

another 10 out of 10 anime from my oppinion...:D

Echolen Echolen

The series revolves around a few art students and how they interact with one another and issues in their own personal lives. The story line is very interesting but it's something you can watch only once.

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