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Monu-chan Monu-chan

From what i read I can say almost 80% of girls will hate this manga.I only like this manga because of the artwork and character descriptions in which Kanan Minami is best.But at first I don't like this manga Yuzuru is just harassed by Kai, chihaya and her parents even sold her because of school fee and she just fall in love with Kai because of just his smile?
but as series develops i understands Kai's feelings for yuzuru but is she idiot or what every time that chihaya tries to break their relationship but she just blindly believes him.
Overall series is average and too adult for me but many peoples don't like this series I can say this for sure.

Smilo Smilo

Em.. it's little creepy sometime. Yuzuru is a really stupid girl! She is Kai's "Honey". This nickname is given to all the students from the regular class choosen by the Kugeka to become their assistants, so that the rich boys can be successful without any problem. So wierd!!? Honey is taking his school fees. He forced her many unpleasant things, and she does not complain about it, and In the end she loves him!!? So I do not like the story so much or something from it.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Ridiculous, the worst anime I've ever seen: a silly story (if you can call this a story) with the usual stupid girl as protagonist and the usual cold and cynical boy who falls in love with her but treats her like a rag (nor even she complains), secondary characters without consistency as the main ones, completely useless in the plot, and the bad guy which you don't know who he is, what he wants, why he does what he does.

YUZURU HAGINO: "That's plain sexual harassment!"

Aiira Aiira

A great manga to read. It has it's ups and downs but the humor in it was amazing, even in serious situations Minami Kanan did an amazing job delivering both romance & humor at the same time. The other characters were also featured very well. They weren't forgotten, Minami Kanan also did an amazing job hanging it's readers. The art is completely detailed very well even at the very intimate situations, it was drawn and illustrated to the point that reading the words wasn't necessary. Over all the manga is amazing and I wish it could be turn into an anime.

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

I read the manga, especially the 4th volume XD the first time was very interesting, but after ...hm... It was a little stupid, I don't know... but I dislike the master-honey system and in the manga there it show the sex between the main charas. They are fall in love but I don't really feel love in this story :/ he want her ( more to sleep with her) and she? I thnik that she don't know waht she really fell...

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