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Hotaru is a quiet girl prone to strange seizures, due to which she is ostracized by her classmates. In the manga, Hotaru's seizures originate from a deal between her father, Professor Tomoe, and the entity Master Pharaoh 90, after a failed lab experiment resulted in Hotaru's mother dying and Hotaru being gravely injured herself. Hotaru is given a partially cybernetic body and revived with the evil entity Mistress 9 inside her; in the anime, her body is not cybernetic but she is still host to Mistress 9.

As Sailor Saturn, she is possibly the most powerful of the Senshi, after Sailor Moon, with the power to destroy entire planets. As such, Saturn is shown to represent the "death" aspect to Moon's "life", emphasizing that true rebirth cannot be possible without sacrifice/death. To reflect this, Hotaru has the power to heal minor wounds, in both her civilian and Senshi forms, though this takes a toll on her physically.

She forms an unlikely friendship with Chibi Usa and is taken in by the Outer Senshi later in the series.

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