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Hourglass of Summer Series, Visual Novel

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As the end of school year approaches, Kotarou Makimura decides to confess his feelings to secret crush Kaho Serizawa, and was determined to make her his girlfriend by the end of summer vacation.
On his way home, Kotaro collides into a mysterious stranger and ends up getting covered in a strange powder. When he wakes up the next day, Kotaro finds himself waking up on the first day of the next school year and learns that Kaho was had been his girlfriend and had died in a car accident.
With the help of the Time Patroller, Ligene, Kotaro must win Kaho's heart and prevent her future death before time runs out by day-dropping, or skipping and going back and forth in time through different days of the summer vacation.

Credit: mbeckley

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Member Opinions

mbeckley mbeckley

Time is everything, and it passes by everyday. We wish we could stop time and stay in a special moment, or travel in time to live in that moment again.
This OVA proves it very well, and I must say it touched my heart very hard.
Kou-chan wins his crush's heart and saves her from a future accident thanks to his fate encounter with Ligene, the time patroller.
This anime reminds me of Clannad in a very deep way. Very funny, romantic, touching, and a great slice of life you would love to taste. Time is everything. Never waste it when it comes to the people you love in your life.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

I just watched the OVA and I really want MORE. I'm currently getting the game (the ALL AGES version one) because the story just got me hooked into it. The time travel thing was kind of confusing but... that's maybe because I haven't played the game yet. The characters are fine and I really want to get the CG pack. I didn't like the soundtrack though.

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