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woochann woochann

House of Five Leaves is in my top five animes, if not the first (Mononoke being second). The art-style is wonderful, and has such charm and character to match an equally charming and character-based plot-line. It has the depth I love, with characters that aren't shallow, and one-sided. They have traits that make you question your own values, and strengthen others. It has, in some ways, the charm of Robin Hood without the "Merry Men." I recommend this anime for older audiences, not because of language or violence (or even, for once, sexual content) but because it has mature themes, and thoughtful based questions that might bore a younger teenager, or go over their heads to the point of non-enjoyment.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

What a great plot... this show was a way better than I expectet it could be. I can even bear with the way characters are looking (nothing close to beautiful...), futhermore I kinda like it. Have to rewatch it someday, I'm sure I will notice things I didn't for the first time. Music is awesome too. The word masterpiece really fits this show.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

An intriguing series. I was drawn to the series because of it's rather unique OP sequence. Techno song set against a feudal Japan setting? Awesome. The opening by Immi is super catchy and always great for a run. But I digress. I was not a fan of the art style at first, but I got used to it. The pacing of the series could be a tad faster, but there was some nice character development. I feel this series would have benefited from a faster pace and more backstory for each character. Yaichi still remains somewhat of a mystery.


Nice, short series with interesting plot twists and art style. Haven't read the manga. Great original cast. Lovely music. For what it is, it is perfect. Check it out or else! hulu.com/houseoffiveleaves


Beautifully executed story with complex, endearing characters. It's a quiet, but intriguing series that is gorgeous to watch and full of tiny details you'll only catch on a second watch through. I wish there was a second season ^_^

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