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minayuri minayuri

A pretty funny and enjoyable series, definitely one of many examples why 90's anime is truly fantastic. Yuko Miyamura's performance as the female lead, Natsuki is so very moe and the character herself is quite moe, especially when she does cute things. It's sad that Miyamura's talent is taken for granted these days with no new roles for her, I truly desire to hear her wonderful voice in more roles, she definitely deserves it. The relationship between Natsuki and Batanen is so cute between a younger female and older male character, which is another thing I like. One of the saddest parts of the series is when Natsuki is faced with prejudice on the part of humans, mainly by Fonne who hates her kind and rather live in an all-human world, and it hurts the innocent heart of Natsuki who only desires peace between humans and beasts. The only thing that I found a flaw in is the consistency in the animation direction. It would've been nice if there had been a second season made though just to see Batanen and Natsuki get together, they're a cute couple for a May-December one. Otherwise, it's a fun and entertaining anime to watch.

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