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Junpei Manaka encounters a beautiful girl on the roof of his school. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, with the wind blowing through her hair, Junpei manages to catch a glimpse of her strawberry-patterned panties. Embarrassed, the girl runs away before he even gets the chance to talk to her. His only clue is the math notebook she dropped, with the name 'Aya Toujou' written on the cover.

The next day, he finds that the 'Aya Toujou' who owns the notebook is the exact opposite of the girl he saw on the rooftop. There's no way it can be her... Can it? Junpei then has to juggle school life, tests, his girlfriend, and all the other girls he finds attractive. Just who will he end up with... Who is the girl for him?

Synopsis: norine07

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Aoshi101's Ichigo 100 Percent Manga Review

Rated: 9

Overall the series presents itself, in manga form, in one of the best ways possible. The covers of each volume stand out so much it immediately attracts my eyes. I haven't read any other manga yet that does that. Every piece of this series is attractive and I think that is mostly because of the artwork, but I have to give credit where its due and give some to the storyline and characters as well. I think one of the big reasons why the manga is this good is because of the style used, the other reason would probably be the several big plot twists that take place.

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Member Opinions


The beginning of the manga I liked, there was a balance between the two girls, but took seven Kawashita after the lost horizon. I did not like the ending. I did not like that the balance will shift both to Nishino.
It was obvious that ended with Nishino. I realized this the second time I read it to understand the end.

ghost945 ghost945

relationships rather well presented yet these very relationships tend to be a lingering. our male lead just doesn't have the guts to express until the very end. characters good with personality and are realistic as they all have strengths and weaknesses - like human. songs are pretty good. seiyuu solid performance.

LonelyAmure LonelyAmure

And... ya know, I wish I was him too! Jeez, how I do feel so jealous of Junpei getting it so good because of his warm fettered arousal towards girls. *sigh* However, under the circumstances... Manga first please? Because that was excellent. Roll the credits, director.
The manga Strawberry 100% is awesome. You can't get better than Strawberry 100% because that's just too darn sweet. *smiles* so anyway, we got this dude who wants to be a photographer, and he meets this *WAO* busty girl, flowing hair, and the only thing he catches a sight of is the godly pantsu. The manga is basically pantsu. Nothing else. Nothing gets me down better than the morning breakfast of pantsu when I turn on that computer and see the cute little soft petal in between her lips... alright ENOUGH'S ENOUGH AMURE SHUT UP! *pow* So that's basically what makes the manga great. You never, ever, EVER get sick of the pantsu. The more you see the fruitier you get. The manga sticks to its name. It's not just the pantsu, it's the cute faces too. Junpei has fallen in love with 3 girls. The hot director girl understands him and knows his passion, the girl who's popular understands how he feels and feels for him too, and that super spontaneous hottie with the triple Ds just does not give up chasing his common interests, feelings, and everything. It's like... the love quadruple. In the end he picks one, I'm not telling you go read it yourself you non-loving pantsu dude who's never had a slice of [strikeout]bone[/strikeout] life, like the lovable person you are. ^_^ Not saying you all are, but I know you guysssss *points them out* Story unfolds pretty well, you've got a long running story, the way everything connects just makes you shrug with an ultimate love to keep on reading.
Now, anime! We got a lot to say, anime. We demand our strawberries, fresh, pantsu fruity, and uber cute! How dare you cheat us! I wanna see some pantsu! Don't hurt my feelings... Well, anyway, the anime does have a nice fresh of scenty pantsu for all you neet people to look at (yes I said neet) but the only thing that's kinda not making me want to give it a perfect is that even for 24 episodes, making it 12 hours, it feels very short, and it definitely feels like time has been cut off a very decent stretch of freeway across the open land of cute girls, bosoms, and strawberry pantsu. Pantsu Pantsu Pantsu. Get over it. The name derives from Strawberry pantsu anyway. Why didn't they make it shimapantsu? Well, you can go tell your director that. Anyway, the anime just feels a little rushed. In the manga Junpei was given as much time to reconcile his thoughts about each and every single girl and even a guy making out with him so he could get Aya's kiss or what not. Ew, what? Ok, then. So character development wasn't perfect in the anime, and the gears couldn't switch that fast. I don't blame them. It could just be better, that's all.
Strawberry 100% will get you your pantsu, but it might be a chore for some scenes because of how fast it goes. I suggest picking up a manga volume instead. But if you're too lazy to increase your ELA or JLA skills, I don't blame you. Yet I do, unconsciously. 7.5, director, cut!

Sou1Co11ector Sou1Co11ector

I liked the story. Just getting tired of these one sided love stories.

It's starting to turn me into a hopeless romantic... Has the usual ambiguous ending they all have.

But nice to watch overall.


I really enjoyed the Manga alot more than the anime. Overall i think it was a great story and it has been the only time that i've been at the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen next chapter after chapter on a manga that is not an "action" story. For most guyz i think that you can easily love one or more of the female characters. My personal favorite is Satsuki Kitaoji, although I was always rooting for the other two main heroines as well. The last to Books were really page turners and the final plot twist left me suprized. I LOVED Ichigo 100 Percent.

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