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Idol costumes are outfits that idols (typically singers) wear while on stage.

They usually consist of frilly dresses in lots of pastel colors, resembling the Sweet Lolita fashion style. The outfits may also include gloves, thigh highs or socks, Mary Jane shoes, and fascinators (especially little hats). Ribbons are a common accessory for these outfits, and are usually placed on every part of the outfit.

Of course, an idol's costume varies according to the performer's style/image e.g. they can imitate serafuku, marching band uniforms, or cheerleading uniforms. In the case of idol groups, the costumes may be the same color and style for every member (example), or vary in color (though the style tends to remain the same - example).

Note the "costume" part; these clothes aren't meant for everyday wear. Idol costumes are significantly more frilly, cute and/or eccentric than ordinary clothes. Use the general appearance of the image to determine whether it needs the Idol Costume tag or not.
Do not tag idol costumes with Sweet Lolita; since most imitate the style, it would be redundant.

Also see: Concert, Magical Girl Outfit, Stage.

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