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Sakura-Kuro-Hime's Ikkitousen Tv Review

Rated: 8

This story line was completely original, (unless you call taking from history copying). It was based on the same events of the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms which I have yet to play. This much humor in it, mostly sexual innuendo or characters being placed in uncomfortable situations. I, myself, was extremely disappointed to see it go by so fast, for at the time i was watching every episode as fast as I can. There are 13 episodes which was a complete let down, though I supposed there was not much to indulge on. I found it enjoyable to watch and found much excitement in the fights of the higher up ranks, such as Kanu against Hakufu and Ukitsu against Hakufu.

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Member Opinions

Steffi1690 rated 9.50:

I have the first, second and third season! But I'm really desperate with the third season it really sucks! They said there would be more fighting and so on but there is nothing compared to the other twos before! The first and second season are much better than the the fird one is! Im also really despered at how the characters voices are they arent the same anymore as before and I hate that! The third season is just (in my opinion) a yuri complot and has nothing really to do with fighting sences!
1st & 2nd are Great!

mikeb23 rated 8.00:

I enjoyed this anime for a pretty obvious reason...hot chicks beating the crap out of each other. Suprised? Didn't think so ^.^ This series (which consists of Ikkitousen, Dragon Destiny, Great Guardians, and Xtreme Xecuter) are as basic at story telling as there is when it comes to a fighting anime. There are ancient dragons, mystical powers and of course people with super human strength. There are also panty shots...and ALOT of them. So if like simple characters, easy to follow plot, busty chicks kicking the crap out of each other and nudity (yes they are topless some scenes and there are entire OVA's devoted to fanservice with nudity) then this is the show for you! *Thumbs up sign*

duhqueenmoki rated 4.25:

I don't give fanservice/ecchi animes very high ratings... it's pretty typical and meh. I don't really like the characters because they're all predictable, and I hate it when chicks in animes are all "Oh I have honor" "I'm shy" "I'm moral" yet the anime is full of fanservice. I mean, come on, if yer gonna make an ecchi anime then at least make those girls what they really are: sluts. They're all pretty slutty regardless of what they say. To me it was way too typical. Typical enemies become friends. Typical girls with big boobs. Not to mention the art in the first season was so horrible. Thank GOODNESS it got better over time, that's the only thing that I can compliment.

Summer67 rated 8.50:

Good: I liked alot of the fights, Not that bad for animation or story, but not the greatest either. Worth a watch especially if you are male and like the fan service type shots and moments. This has tons for ya!
Big breasted kick ass beauties with little clothing for the boys lol. Though, I did like it but of course not for those reasons lol.

e1ectric rated 5.00:

Watch the first 3 episodes of the first of four seasons. Not bad, but things are overly exaggerated, like blood loss and such. Ranked 5 because I just started and right now It still has plenty of time to fall upon it's face, or be really good.