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minayuri minayuri

This is such a heartwarming, charming feel-good series that certainly carries the qualities of an iyashikei style anime. If there ever was an anime that a fan who is a parent would want to show their young ones and family, this series is one I would recommend and it teaches important life lessons. I really liked this lovely treasure as it is sweet and endearing. The ending is rather open ended though and it would've been nice if it were a coming of age tale to see where the bond of Claude and Yune would go...would Yune fall in love with Claude as she grew up more or would she maintain her platonic love she has for him. From my experience in watching the series, I felt there was a strong connection between them in their bond and wonder what would develop between them in the future. At any rate, this is a fun little series to see.

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

I was intrigued of this Anime because of the same graphic design as in "Gosick". I thought the Anime coud be similar, but it's similar only in the design, the Story is different. At the first time, it was boring. The Anime is more informative about Customs and Traditions, especially for Japanese. During the Anime the story got better, but not so interesting. The cute japanese girl Yune remids me "Heidi, Girl of the Alps", every day she experiences a little adventures. I found the end a little unfinished! I think, that they could be a romance between Yune and Claude. Anyway it's a anime like "heidi" but with more sympatetic charas and better graphic!

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The animation reminds me of Gosick. To most viewers, this will undoubtedly be the slowest and most uneventful new series of the season, and be quickly written off as as “boring” or “dull”, but I looked forward to this series, featuring a heartwarming 19th century story about a young Japanese girl named Yune, who travels to Paris, France to work. I’ll be quick to admit that I absolutely adore Yune. From her strict adherence to Japanese customs and her earnest desire to be helpful to Claude Claudel, owner of the Enseignes du Roy ironworks shop, I don’t see how anyone could not fall in love with her. The simplicity of the series and how it makes me appreciate the little things in life more are a large part of it, much like it was in the Aria series. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could get upset with Yune when she tries so hard to be helpful, and while Claude didn’t really get mad at her, he did inadvertently make her feel like her Japanese sense of hospitality is a bad thing. She was like an innocent girl thrown into a labyrinth full of Parisian “wolves” and told to suspect everyone before trusting them. It’s always a shame to see a kindhearted person’s outlook on the world suddenly shattered by the harsh reality of it all. Instead of being told that they’re good Samaritans, they’re told that they’re naive and will be taken advantage of. For most people, it usually only takes one incident for them to lose faith in the kindness of strangers too, before sending them down a spiral of distrust. In Yune’s case, her innocence was clearly shaken after the homeless boy stole a candle holder, but luckily not completely lost thanks to the reassurance Claude gave her. He could have easily been upset with her and questioned about exactly which piece was stolen. I don’t think Yune would’ve minded either, since she was more concerned about the candle holder than her own well-being too. Because of that, it was awfully sweet for Claude to be worried about Yune more than anything else, and didn’t make her feel any worse than she already did on top of being afraid of all the strangers whom she couldn’t talk to while she was lost. I felt really bad watching her wander around town, freaked out by all the strangers she couldn't trust or speak to in order to get help. I really liked the sentimental moment in that scene and was happy to see Yune felt better at the very end. She’s clearly not the type of person to forget about a mistake like this, so the last thing that she needed was to be reminded of it. It also made a point of how children as well-mannered as Yune should be showered in affection and not cornered with blame. When you get older, you can really appreciate why people love well-behaved kids. It’s not that I want to see the characters go through hardships; it’s just that I want to see them grow closer because of them. Oscar always tends to bring everything in perspective for us as well, so it’s always nice to hear his grandfather-like input on any situation, whether he’s fully aware of what happened or not. I'm unsure about Camille. Alice treats Yune like a doll. I liked how Claude and Yune get to understad eachother over the course of the series. Claude treats Yune like an older brother and Oscar is just the kind and silly at times grandfather. It was really nice to see how much Claude cared for Yune as equally as nice to see him open up and talk about his father. The ending was sweet because Yune had become a part of the Galerie's family and everyone cared for her. The series was very nice.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Remind me of Gosick from the first look. This time its little super cute japanese girl arriving in XIX century France. I wasn't mistaken, its from the same mangaka hahah^_^ Gosick was great, this will be too^_^
Finished. Very nice, good for some relax^^ with veeery beautiful art style

ghost945 ghost945

quality of artwork superb. story setting interesting. speed of story a bit slow though. music well down, gave that impression. love that french introduction for each episode. seiyuu for the mains solid performance.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Watching this anime i came to recall Aria the animation series, peaceful, gentle and interesting story line. Although at some points it become really ... OFF THE POINT .. but i don't think that works here that bad. i like the anime as to be one of the peaceful one and hope u will too
But if u are not an ARIA fan then forget that... :)


This anime is fast enough to engage viewers yet slow enough for viewers for viewers to seep in the details of the plot. I would recommend this anime to students who would like to study life of a Japanese girl in the 19th century of Paris because this anime provides a pretty accurate representation of Paris of the era.

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