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Set in the year AD 2225, mankind has spread from Earth to inhabit nearly all the planets or nearby moons in colonies and settlements. space travel has grown and improved to the point of being commonplace. For the inhabitants of the solar system, an astronaut career isn't out of the question, and one of the schools set up to train future space voyagers is the Liebe Delta, a space station positioned somewhere in Earth's orbit. This growth is despite the mysterious phenomenon known as the Geduld, a sea of plasma that suddenly erupted from the sun along the Earth's orbital plane in AD 2137. Stretching from the sun to the edge of the solar system, this area of high temperatures and gravity pressures has never been explained.

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Minayuri's Infinite Ryvius Tv Review

Rated: 8

Overall it's a great series with a compelling story, a rainbow of characters, and the DVD's are a worthy buy as it has a collection of extras that include the Ryvius Illusion chibi shorts as well as Audio Drama's. The story was well planned out in it's 26 episode run. Although the character animation lacks in certain areas and could've used a better animation director. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with this series and never left a dull moment for me . Favorite characters of mine of the series are Aoi , Yuli, Yuki, and Blue.

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