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CyanideBlizzard's Infinite Stratos Tv Review

Rated: 6

Infinite Stratos (IS) is fairly stereotypical in many aspects. It also doesn't dive that deep into a plot during its twelve episode run. However, what it does do it does rather well. From the animation, to the well casted VAs, to the premises, IS is definitely above average in every aspect. While certainly not an legendary anime, it's certainly enough for me to consider it a guilty pleasure and recommend it for those that don't mind harem series. Bear in mind that IS flirts more with being mediocre than above average, but it is above average for a harem series.

This is a series that I plan on picking up as soon as it's released in the US. It's definitely one of my top ten guilty pleasures, even if it's stereotypical in so many manners.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage rated 7.25:

The plot was a bit predictable because of the whole harem situation. Though the cold opening and the fight at the end were especially awesome! Watching the second season. The second season tried to get somewhere and it felt really unsatisfying. If they focused more on integrating Phantom Task into this season it would've turned out a lot better in my opinion. Take Ichika out of a situation and it would amaze you how much more capable and bad ass the girls acted. But throw him back in and they would just revert back to damsels in distress waiting for him to become the hero.

Kinda weird/sad how only Houki was relieved that Ichika had not died. Though, at least to me, Houki has lost her #1 spot in the harem to Tatenashi. Because while Houki's only flaw was that she was too predictable when she dealt with Ichika when she became embarrassed/angry about something whenever he happened to be nearby, almost every girl had that flaw. And that got old, fast. But throughout the two seasons things were focused a good bit more on Houki that the other girls. But Tatenashi never had those type of tendencies so while I like Houki and find Laura funny and adorable at times, with this new season Tatenashi won me over.

It gets downgraded because they focused a bit too much on transforming its strong female characters into shrill, catty yanderes who apparently thought they could get Ichika’s love through violence. Which doesn't work, by the way. Instead of focusing on what should have been the main points: Phantom Task and Tabane.

renlilica rated 7.00:

Well I thought that it'll be a good anime with the introduction but it turned out to be a typical harem genre, which was a quite disappointing. But I really like Laura from there she's cool and her eyes is just freaking awesome, and the way she used her suit is pretty cool too.

banraider rated 4.00:

well, when i first saw the anime i thought the action events will be more than romance aspect, but sadly it was not, although the graphics and characters are well drawn but i didn't like this anime very much.

SevaVioletShadow rated 5.00:

actually first i saw the anime and i liked the main idea about a machines only suits girl and then only one
boy suits him i thought the anime is all about fighting and action, but i was disoppointed infact it's not it's
just a harem series and a romance anime, i didn't like it, i will rate this 5 because of the high quitly colored
characters and background that's all.

Rai1e rated 7.25:

The story revolves around an elite school which trains IS (a kind of power suit only usable by woman) pilots. Where the main character is the only male character who can pilot it. The 3D render and animation quality is great, but too bad the story is more focused on the romance aspect rather than the actions.