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Keita Kawashira comes from a family world-famous for being great Inukami-trainers. For centuries, members of the Kawashira clan have fought with their Inukamis, or "Dog-God", against demons and other forces of mischief and evil. However, Keita stands to become the worst trainer in his family's history. That is, until the most powerful of the Inukami, the illustrious and energetic Youko, chooses him to become her trainer. Sounds like the perfect way to boost his standing, but who's really the master in this relationship?

Written by xenocrisis0153

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

male lead is more or less a hentai contrast to other male leads in more "traditional" anime. at least he's stronger and able to fight vs. other useless mains. female characters again seem excessive. they arent given chance to develop except the main two. seiyuu so so peformance.

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