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Captain Tylor Joins the Space Navy hoping to get a cushy desk job. Sadly, this is right after the Raalgon declare war, so instead of the desk job, he's inadvertently thrown into space after being assigned with the rescue of an admiral and his daughters.

After an accidental victory or two, the Raalgon Empress learns of Tylor and wants him brought to her alive and reasonably well. Somehow or other, she gets a crush on him. He has this strange way of being somehow attractive to females, so most of the female crew on his assigned ship are attracted to him for unexplainable reasons.

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The first series was brilliantly entertaining and one of the most fun I've ever had watching a space opera (well, a parody of one). The OVA series, however, ended up raising more questions than it answered, and I hate cliffhanger endings. Still, all around great title.

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