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Mitsugu Kurokawa's friend and ally in his "battle" against Souichi. He is one of the very few people whom Souichi is afraid of, thanks to his martial arts training and "scheming" with Reiko, Mitsugu's mother.

In Challengers, Isogai is the one that causes Tomoe and Mitsugu to meet....by vomiting on Tomoe while drunk. He spends the rest of the story as Mitsugu's love advisor and occasional bodyguard, whenever Souichi comes into the picture.

In Koisuru Boukun, Isogai meets Souichi again after Tomoe (now living in America with Mitsugu) accidentally switches the labels on the gift packages for them; despite his apparent sadistic streak, he proves to be a steady ally for Tetsuhiro in pursuing Souichi.

Description: pandemonium91

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