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Izumo 2 Series, Visual Novel

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Also see: Izumo 0, Izumo, Izumo 3, Izumo 4.

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Lariel's Izumo 2 Tv Review

Rated: 6

It could have been better if the artist focuses on improving the plot and the designs on the character. Though I have to say, the brief appearance of Kagutsuchi and Amaterasu rather interests me, for both names originated from the Japanese Gods. Himiko ending up with Takeshi was really not what I expected. Few scenes hold humour and action, but other than that, nada, zip. I think the characters in Izumo talk more than they act. And the constant switching of places and timeline slightly confuses me. But if you prefer light animes than dark, overbearing ones, Izumo is a good opinion. Don't expect heavy battles scenes though. A bizzare show.

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