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Idike-Ruki's Jing: King of Bandits Manga Review

Rated: 10

I absolutly love the humor of this manga. It has it's own charme and its funny scence go hand in hand with some meaningful ones.

Also the whole scenery is really creative. Like I said in Story review, every city has its own physics. And so, the whole King of Bandit Jing universe follow its own rules.
There are flying dragon-turtle-like creatures, or giant billiard bowls as hills. Then, in another story, Jings use a dodo, used to drag a train, to flee out of a prison of dreams.
The artist creates new creatures and new kinds of ways, how things work.

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This has to be one of the most far out there series I've ever seen. I don't usually go for manga that has this style of art, but there's something about the plot (and Jing's good looks ^.~) that charms me about it.

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