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pikachu36 pikachu36

Gotta say I really like the show. I liked it so much I binged watched all the way through it in fact. It had all the elements I tend to look for in a show such as this. I loved how each member of Coco's team had their own back story. Each one of them was a complete bad ass in their own way. The only problem I had with the show was it's ending. for a 26 episode show I figured it wouldn't at all seem rushed and it would play out nicely and it did till the last 3 episodes. The last 3 seemed as if it was sped up in order to have an ending. I could be wrong, but to me that part seemed poorly executed. Though besides that I was deff left wanting more and didn't want their adventure to end. It was a fun thrill ride and clever in ways as well which kept it from being boring (so I think) The crude humor and even the humor they used to lighten up darker scenes was on point. It was deff well made for sure and I wouldn't mind owning the full set for sure. Also I found myself really feeling for Jonah as he goes through his journey.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Overall I love this series. This show is interesting and has a lot of different elements, the action is also really good. Koko and her entire group are awesome and extremely lovable. Nothing feels out of place in terms of the actions everyone does and it’s just great to watch them and their interactions with each other. The series just mixes its elements of comedy, action, adventure, seriousness and character development so well that they’re able to throw it in anywhere and anytime and yet not have it out of place without disappointing…just amazing.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

The character Koko got me into watching this. The quirky, 'snowy' (she's so white - white hair, white skin, white clothes) girl with her unfathomable smile is oddly dynamic and never ceases to surprise me. She is one of the most intriguing and compelling anime characters I've ever seen. The other characters appeared underdeveloped at first, but gradually it became apparent that the show would explore the members of Koko's team one by one.
The plot is a bit hard to understand at first (coz I'm no military expert) but it gets better and the show really starts kicking off in episode 3. I like how the setting reflects the real world and the countries interactions in the story are bases off real international situations. It makes the whole thing endlessly amusing and it also reminds us of many depressing things (child soldiers, ethnical cleansing, and of course, illegal arms trade) still happening in some parts of the world. I am up to date with the manga and I really love it. It is gratifying to see the anime remaining loyal to the manga.
Now for the down side. As I've mentioned, I'm no military expert. I heard some hardcore gun fans criticising the author's serious lack of military and arms knowledge and sometimes even I can see the gun fights don't make much sense. But still, the story more than makes up for that.

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