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Member Opinions

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

Entertaining enough. It's about gay love which looks so natural in that world. Nothing super or magical in it. Its just like every daily days stories. Love problem between them just like what straight-love has. There r a lot of humor in there. I like Nowaki-Hiroki pair mostly (bcoz Misaki n Shinobu r too little for my liking^^. I dont really like 'big-eyes' uke)

aureawolf aureawolf

Of course I love yaoi! My first approaches were some Saint Seiya fanfictions, from that point... I lost my innocence xDDDD Personally, I don't agree with the fact that almost every gay relationship depicted in anime is conflictive and tortuous (I've met couples who live in peace with each other, sure, they must have their dissagreements, but they're basically happy). My favorite couple from this series is Hiro-Nowaki, 'cause they actually evolve: Nowaki grows stronger and more secure about himself and Hiro slowly forgets about his unrecquinted love and discarts some tsundere scales from his heart.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

I watched this one after I heard so much about it... but I didn't like it. To be honest, it seems that all the world is gay. I don't like exaggerations. Why can't they make an anime with both hetero and gay, it's all or nothing? I found some nice moments but they're often diminished with some jokes, which is unnerving, as is the fact that Misaki always denies his feelings until the end, struggling and eventually surrendering to Usami. Always the same scene.

KAMIJO HIROKI: "Touch me more! With your hands... with your heat... burn yourself into my body.."


Ok for those who are going to hate on this show...Go Away. Seriously like every warning you're going to find before every show (which many seem to ignore and then blame the uploader) this is a yaoi-like show, which means boy x boy. If you don't like it, here's a simple tip for you...DON'T WATCH IT. Now for those who share the same love for the show as I do, I have to say it was cute. I'm somewhat conservative, but I found it very easy to watch this show (in a later epiphany while talking with my sister I realized because it was the uke had this girl vibe coming from them). The stories of each of them were great, though I wished they had showed more of the third couple, she's always doing that hmm... Well I loved the whole vignette story type she was going for, I would smile when I saw a repeated scene from another couple's point of view showing how their stories somewhat interact. The couples themselves were a hoot! Akihiko's messed up childhood somehow made it through to adulthood and now Misaki is constantly having to deal with this man/child who just happens to be a prodigy writer. The second couple is very sweet Nowaki out of nowhere meets Hiroki at a park and well the rest is history, the story line took a jump 6 years to the present and well they're still stumbling on their love. ^-^. The third couple is as crazy as they come, the kid, 18, Shinobu really does believe that he and the 35 year old Miyagi-san are destined for each other. It was nice to see the kid really try to make the professor like him and in the end it works seeing as they go out. I really wish I could've seen more out of them, they seemed like a potentially interesting couple. Either way the story was light and pure, with a bit of drama and comedy spread everywhere. If you don't mind the guy thing it's a very nice show to watch.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

What am I to write about here...? It was my first show, which includes shonen-ai and I really like it! So so so so funny with surprising moments! I wonder if there is shonen-ai comedy as good as this is. If you know a similar one, tell me about it (I think you don't, I would be the first one who knows, anyway...).

singlemoon singlemoon

This is such a cute anime, thou sometimes the tension between the couples really put me on edges. I love how the mangaka connect everyone in this series, and I absolutely in love with the humor. The plot, well, it's a typical love story but it's Yaoi so that makes it so special, hahaha!
And, I'm not really fond of Junjou Terrorist, at first, but after seeing how cute the uke can be (sorry, I didn't remember his name), I forgive his demand attitude and move on with the anime. Of course, I love Junjou Romantica the most, and sometimes I wish I can steal Misaki away from him. Fufufu...

Summer67 Summer67

This has to be my most favorite Shonen-ai of all times. I haven't seen all that many but, I so totally loved this series. I also liked how they had three different story lines but at times inter-mingled the characters through out the series. I Think my fave pairing was probably ... ALL of them lol. I couldn't decide which I liked best as all three were different.

Dyuu Dyuu

Hahaha! My friend told me about this anime. She said it's a BL anime. Seriously. At first, I thought its only have some BL hints just like any normal anime which have a lot of boys character in them. But this one is different. It's a BL indeed! The stories are great. I think even if u're not into BL, if u watch this, u'll like it. ^^ (well, I personally like it coz I like BL)

ai-yame ai-yame

This is one of the many yaoi series I grew to love so much! I suppose many of us agree that we truly adore the second couple -- HirokixNowaki; this couple is partly the reason I can't resist watching Junjou Romantica all over again. I just wished each couple's stories could have developed more, as I strongly believed this yaoi/shounen-ai series had so much potential.

xNotUnderstood xNotUnderstood

Its great how Misaki has to be forced to actually realize that he loves Usami. its awesome how this series doesnt focus on just one couple, it focuses on like 3 or 4 and thats amazing.
its great how it shows what it takes to show you that you love someone and what you'll do for them

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

This series really does captures the heart of yaoi. I mean, it's not full of smut. Too much too often is yaoi portrayed as just random smut. But Junjou really captures the real emotional struggles of the characters. It only hints at sex and doesn't show explicit material, despite what fangirls want. All in all it's really cute and funny. I know non-yaoi fans who even like it! The art isn't too good but it's really unique and the movements are done well. Again, like Gravitation, the author is the rich guy. Wth is it with manga authors making books about famous authors? Underlying wishes much? It was really similar to gravitation minus all the music.

Felcie Felcie

I (finally) started to watch that anime and I have to admit I felt in love. Those 3 yaoi pairings are cute and great, love 'em <3
It's hard to have a favorite pairing, the mangaka succeeded to make them unique and that's why this anime is good. But, well, let's be honest, there's too much gays in that anime, as if all the world was gay except 2 or 3 persons... ^^;

mbeckley mbeckley

Love this series. The teddy bear is a clever motif that brings out the kawaiiness from the series. Its so funny and romantic, and the drama adds strength to it. Like the manga. It holds surprises that are not in the series. Check it out.

garnetyuna garnetyuna

I've already watched the entire first serie in english, but I'm watching it again with italian subtitles, so I can understand it better! I really like JR, it's the first long yaoi series I'm watching and I'm not tired by it. I like the couples Usami-Misaki and Shinobu-Miyagi most.
Edit: I finished the first season, I rate it 10/10! I so love it >w<
And now I just finished to watch the second season too, and I give it a 9/10 I also liked this season. YAY for JR!!

LadyCrosszeria LadyCrosszeria

I find the manga highly confusing, so after watching the anime it all made sense lol. I'm a Yaoi Fan so of course I loved it. The only thing I'm not too comfortable about it's the art... I prefer cute, more stylized art like Vampire Knight, but it was still a good anime.

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