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minayuri minayuri

Pretty interesting anime series, it's quite original and the characters are quite diverse too. GoHands made another fantastic series with their crisp animation quality alongside my favorite title they did, Mardock Scramble. My favorite character is definitely Saruhiko Fushimi, I like his deadpan snarky attitude and he's also pretty hot too. His frenemy relationship with Yata is quite interesting too. I love both Mamoru Miyano and Johnny Yong Bosch's performances as the character. I'm not too fond of Neko though, she's rather one-dimensional and is just there for fanservice. I like Tatara Totsuka's character too, he certainly was the heart of HOMRA with his sweet-natured personality and can see why Mikoto Suou was determined to avenge his death. Tatara's song used for one of the episode's ED's was really good, I wish it was the main ED. I watched the English dub for the first season and the VA work was really good, however I feel Crispin Freeman would've made a better Mikoto and Kari Wahlgren for Seri. Tomokazu Sugita is amazing as Reisi Munakata and Yui Horie brings out a sweet performance as Anna Kushina. Horie's song for the 2nd OP is amazing and is another favorite of mine for the series. This is definitely another fantastic series of this current decade for anime and I recommend it. Both seasons were really amazing, but if I had to choose one as the best it would be S2.

ChartreuseGlass ChartreuseGlass

K has a loveable cast, nice worldbuilding, an interesting plot, lovely animation and beautiful colours. A lot of people complain about "boring relationships," which I assume is code for "no romance." Well, I personally found the lack of romance to be a very good thing: it made the female characters in the story much more likeable, since they have important roles in the plot instead of just to be the guys' girlfriends. Another complaint is that there are shounen-ai hints - a puzzling claim. The clansmen and women are devoted to their kings in a slightly servile - but mostly hero-worship-esque - fashion; I don't see anything BL-ish in that. Lack of girl/boy romance + some pretty boys does not a BL anime make.

But, as someone mentioned before, this does have a very...odd...start. It isn't actually slow: it's more that the core of the plot is hidden from the viewer, making the very plot-relevant things the characters do during the first 4-6 episodes look like pointless filler. Keep watching, though, because the plot gets pretty clever towards the end. Not many writers have the guts to end their shows as grimly as the first season of K did.

The "K - Missing Kings" movie is also a worthy gap-bridger between series 1 and 2. It's a must-watch if the storyline of the two seasons is to flow together smoothly.

Aliceblond Aliceblond

This anime is a really confusing thing. At first I had felt like comparing it to lots of other well-known titles, like Durarara, D.Grayman, No.6 etc. It had seemed rather boring and predictable. On the other hand its music and its graphics made me watch this anime on and on. After ep.5 my impression began to change. The story itself began to unfold, and I had to remember the saying: "There is more than meets the eye". These words fit here well.
More than a year and a half after the airing of the ep.13 I still can't make myself watch it. Too many feels even though only spoiler-based. X_x Anyway I'm looking forward to see the movie K Missing Kings, which is a sequel to the K anime.
I believe that anyone who decides to watch K needs to watch at least the first half of the series. K's problem imo is that the first several episodes are like introduction, and for a 13 ep. long story that's too much. Well, if after watching 6 or more episodes you still don't feel interested enough you'd better drop it for it is just not your cup of tea. ^^

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

First impression: combination of Durarara (city, gang, one of them look like Shizuo), NO.6 (main characters reminds Shion and Nezumi, even with their looks) and Kuroshitsuji (the sword users reminds of Sebastian somehow^^). Oh and Hetalia cause the main character's voice is the same as Italia XD All in all its an enjoyable show so far and I have high expectations^^

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

K was fun to watch, it was really short... A few more episode to explain more and to get to know the characters more would have been better. This anime was a bit confusing at the beginning, but once I watched the other episodes, everything fell into place. The animation for K is absolutely amazing (I'm eagerly waiting for the next season). The characters are really well drawn, the backgrounds are highly detailed and the setting is beautiful, the battle scenes are great, and the colors are bright. K also has fantastic music, especially the opening and the first ending.

NekoDesu16 NekoDesu16

This anime is really amazing! All the characters have a good looking and the story is very interesting!I also cry in the last episode... Excellent work, GoRA/GoHands!I can't wait the 2nd Season!! LONG LIVE SHIRO!! <3

elisadevelon elisadevelon

Sooo, a short anime with only 13 episodes. The graphics and style of art were really amazing although the color combinations often looked unnatural to me. I must mention it was full of hot guys and a lot of shonen-ai allusions. Seriously, the ratio of men and women was like 10:1 (not that I'm complaining about that). The main characters were loveable (the hero also cute-ly stupid and naive) but their personalities were not very detailed. Also, there were several gaps in the plot and some things remained unexplained but I guess it's impossible to fit so much information and so many events in only 13 episodes. I hope we learn the missing stuff in the following season that has been announced and that the producers do something about the open ending of the first season.

Tifa-chan Tifa-chan

I had high expectations on this anime. While only watching the first episode, you see that K-Project has a wonderful and realistic scenery and a beautiful and incredible soundtrack. However the plot development and the relationship between the characters are poorly developed.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

This anime reminded me a lot of Guilty Crown because the visual elements, animation, story and characters are very similar. It's a good watch if you like that kind of futuristic animes. The character design is good and the story is decent although a little bit rushed.

kuryuki kuryuki

a little confusing probably because I was multitasking u_u
but I really like the pacing, characters and the overall atmosphere
*w* the graphics are definitely unique!!!!
definitely something I do recommend people to try out, it's a very short series too ^^
hoping for another season~!


I think the series is good. However, the over-indulgence in the comedy dragged my rating down. I could easily rate this as 8 or so actually, since I'm a fujoshi and the potential shounen-ai and pairings in this one is quite high. Currently, I like Munakata and the Red King couple the best. Before I segway into my fantasy world, I should also say that their 'Kings' concept is highly intriguing of course, not to say that the characters aren't quirky (in a nice way) themselves.

tashioroxas tashioroxas

I wasn't quite sure about this anime at first.
The colors were annoying in the ads and I was really sure I'd hate it.
But I ended up loving it and now I like the way the colors also appear in this anime.
At the rate it's going, I'd say it's a good anime and recommend it to anyone who wants something action packed and mysterious.

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