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Member Opinions

banraider banraider

Very nice story!! it's new and very exciting, the anime has a unique style and that's what makes it special, all the characters are awesome, and their connection to each other is well managed by the writer, my favorite character is Konoha, he is awesome,
and Azami also is amazing, i was very happy when no one of the characters died, and specially when Ayano also is saved, i like the theme song Daze very much, it's really a great anime and i enjoyed watching it.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

First i had a bad impression about this anime because of the anime style, it's like moving slides images, but i start to get use to it after seeing a few episodes of the anime, it wasn't so bad, yet it's whats makes it special, i like the story that's why i complete it, in fact i like it very much, also i liked the characters, and i am happy that Ayano hadn't die, good story, nice plot, i liked how the characters are put together and there relation ship with each other.

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