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"Kaizoku Game" is comprised of three main stories that take place on the same pirate ship.

Princes Rien and Yuuri are captured by pirates and kept as prisoners. But Rien refuses to eat the food prepared by the ship's chef, Kougyoku, suspecting it to be poisoned. Kougyoku stubbornly decides to keep cooking until Rien finally acknowledges him.
On the same ship, first mate Rikka has a crush on captain Kuuron; but since he already has a lover, Rikka is determined to give up. One day, Kuuron introduces Suou, a new member of the crew...and one of Rikka's one-night-stands.
After boarding numerous pirate ships in search of the violinist who supposedly broke his sister's heart, Kuon comes across Shana on this ship...and he is running away from a horde of fans! Shana introduces Kuon as his lover to escape, and jokingly accepts Kuon's declaration of love, with Kuon reluctantly playing along.

The series is, in order:
1. Ousama Game (King Game)
2. Oujisama Game (Prince Game)
3. Kaizoku Game (Pirate Game)

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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