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Sora Naegino has been dreaming of becoming a member of the Kaleido Stage since she watched "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" at the Kaleido Stage with her parents.
One day she starts her journey from Japan to America - however, when she arrives, her suitcase is stolen. But with Sora's awesome athletic skills she soon catches the thief and a kind policeman drives her to the Kaleido Stage. Although the casting is already finished, she manages to be accepted by Kalos Eido, the owner of the Kaleido Stage, and is now finally a member of the crew.

On her first day of training, only by a misunderstanding, she challenges Layla Hamilton, the top star of Kaleido Stage. Now Sora has to master Layla's "Golden Phoenix" in only a few days. If she fails she has to immediately leave the Kaleido Stage, but if she succeeds Layla will accept her and Sora can finally fulfill her dream - to be the true Kaleido Star.

Synopsis: Chibi`kyo

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Ladholyman's Kaleido Star Ova Review

Rated: 10

Layla was the main character here, so all you Mia and Anna fans will probably be a bit disappointed. I learned quite a bit about Layla in this OAV, from her severe phobia of failure to her hidden past of being a weakling and a crybaby. All this makes me appreciate her already beloved character even more. Sora was her usual happy-go-lucky self, so not much development there. But there was no need to, since Sora did fulfill her purpose as Layla`s pillar of support. All the other characters only had cameos, and somehow (I don`t know why), Ken started wearing those fruity glasses. It makes him look more pimp, I guess.
If you have not watched the original series, stop right here. Don`t even think of watching this.

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Member Opinions

shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

An anime all about dreams. I was just a little girl when I watched this, so to be honest, I really loved the series. It has a mix of comedy and drama, and maybe that's the reason why I came to like this. Other than that, it's the usual shoujo.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

The main character, Naegino Sora is quite an interesting character. At first, I thought a series about a girl performing at a circus wouldn’t be all that good but the interesting story kept me watching. All I can say is that I really enjoyed watching Kaleido Star. The animation overall is beautiful with bright colors, the music is very good as well. All the characters are great, and unlike other shoujo anime, this anime has little romance which makes me like it even more (since I'm bored with common Shoujo romance).

aureawolf aureawolf

After lots of series where the main character "never gave up" and always did "his/her best" and "followed their hearts" I just got tired of the same little speech. But then I watched Kaleido Star and met Sora. Maybe it's because I'm a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil or something, but I felt really moved by her efforts and ideal image of what's a real spectacle. I don't know, just to see those people perform for the sake of the public and their entertainment... to know that they dedicate their lives to put smiles on people's faces... that's why I loved KS.

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

A solid anime series that I wholeheartedly recommend to shoujo fans and not only. Unlike other shows, the cuteness in this doesn't get in the way of the plot and things progress quite nicely. The characters have depth and the performances are simply mesmerizing (though they could've gone easier on the slow-mo). Some episodes may feel drawn out, but the payoff is more than worth it.

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

This show was so much fun! It was colorful with good characters. The second season got a little too sappy and anti-competition for my taste at times, but was still good, just not as much so as the first season.

evilxangel evilxangel

I start sawing it when I was a little girl I use to love it so much!I wished I saw the end back at those times it would had meant a lot more than now but I loved every single part of it and the OVA's too!Hope they do a season 2 with Soras little sister as the main character!


It was a wonderful ending to a nice anime, though not always suspenseful or entertaining, I did enjoy much of their techniques and shows! I liked how they showed many classical stories such as Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet in their performances. Sora's determination for a carefree stage just made me want to root for her and the rest of the cast was just as determined (but also hilarious!). Kaleido Star is like a nice break from those high suspense and action animes and I absolutely loved it! :9


I just finish to watch it today, including the extra chapter where Rosetta performance her own main character. It is incredibly how emotive this anime can be. Probably it can be too sweet for many people, but if you like circuses this one is a must.

TheBloodStains TheBloodStains

Love the story line and style I mean who hasn't dream about joining the circus I know I have and I love the stunts
in it every time I watch it I feel right energentice and flexible I would love to do stuff like that!! <3 anyways
the characters are really cool and the music is pretty good to ^^ I really enjoyed this anime! and I would rewatch again
when I feel like it ^^

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