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Karin Hanazono is a 7th grade orphan who is average... at best. She has terrible grades and isn't very good at sports. One day, she finds out that the last memento of her mom, a ring, has the power to turn her into a goddess!
With her new friends, Himeka and Kazune, and her new powers, Karin must keep Kirio Karasuma from destroying her ring, and her friends!

By: koolishmew

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Member Opinions

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

I bought the manga for the art!! XD Koge-Donbo’s art style is so adorably cute, with huge eyes and faces. I don't usually like huge eyes but this one is different. <3 The story was decent and confusing since I haven't finished (will never finish) watching all episodes. I stopped reading/watching it when I thought that this series was starting to get boring. This is obviously young kids and preteens. That being said, Kamichama Karin is just a standard magical girl anime.

lkmjr lkmjr

Pretty good, but far from great. Starts off way too slowly, but get past that and it isn't bad. Character designs are frightfully cute. Some things don't really make sense unless you read manga. Music is average, though I think the OP pretty good (it's pretty polarizing

EKarin EKarin

This is a very cute anime what i like very much, and even more the manga because of the very beautyful art and the because of the romantic and a bit difficult storyline. Well its a bit disturbing for me that in the anime it looks like if Karin just were sent back in time, to fix things, and with that saving the future.

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