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"Kamichu!" follows the adventures of Yurie Hitotsubashi, an ordinary schoolgirl who becomes less ordinary when she discovers one night...that she has become a goddess! Together with her friends Mitsue and Matsuri, she sets out on a spiritual journey to discover what her powers are, and learn important lessons on how to conduct herself as a goddess.

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Shoujoboy's Kamichu Tv Review

Rated: 5

Kamichu is an unfortunate anime. It's one of those that as you watch it, you feel like you should love it and appreciate it's creativity. But at the end of the day you are just begging for the next episode to hurry up as it just proves to be boring as sin. Lackluster story paired with weak animation all topped off with substandard and dull voice acting and music does this show in.

As a closing I will say this, many people have loved this show from other reviews. It is a rather obscure anime so you dont' see many reviews on it as much as you would something else, but of those reviews none have rated this low that I've seen. Maybe I've become entirely too picky or maybe they saw something in this that I didn't.

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

At first sight this may seem like a boring anime, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Sure, it doesn't exactly pump out action left and right - its pacing is actually quite slow -, but at no point did I feel like it was drawn out. Despite it being short, the characters are well fleshed out and relatable, and the animation beautiful and seamless. Highly recommended if you want to kick back and relax.

ghost945 ghost945

newly turned goddness as a high school student with her own human problems- great idea. cute characters, high standard artworks throughout. sound effects and memorable performance by seiyuu. we see growth in our young goddness. her fellow friends lack a bit development though.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Well I think it's worth watching, because it's cute, not really overly moe, but just plain cute. The characters are very much loveable and the story about how Yuri became goddess and how she go through her 'Kami' days is absolutely entertaining.
Also, if you love Japanese traditional culture then you must love this series! :D

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