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Maron Kusakabe is your typical sweet high school girl. What most kids in her class don't know is that she lives by herself in an apartment, waiting for word from her parents who left the country some time ago. And what no one knows is that when nightfall comes, she transforms into Kaitou (Thief) Jeanne, a reincarnation of the famous Joan of Arc. Her mission: to seal the demons within various pieces of art and items who are possessing their owners.
In the process, the item/artwork is destroyed, so Jeanne is constantly at odds with the police force, including her best friend Miyako Toudaiji. Life becomes even more complicated, though, when a new guy moves in next door and suddenly a new kaitou appears.

Maron must bravely handle being a high school girl, dealing with her friends, her feelings, and all the challenges being a kaitou brings!

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DarkGoddess' Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Tv Review

Rated: 8

It is very enjoyable to read. The overall presentation to the anime is beautuiful and very good i encouragh alot of people to read it. expecalsy when you think that your life is bad you can go through all the experiences of Maron. It is very sad especally about how it wall went donw. in the end it really makes you question who is your enimy and who is your friend. It really questions weather you are really happy. it is really really good!!! i hope you al read it! it is so pretty and there are just no words that can describe what you will feel after you read it. y can almost garuenttee that you will cry laught and think really hard! please read it!
It is hard to give an over all presentaion because i dont want to give out any spoiler so read the plot carefully and see if you like it.

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Member Opinions

EKarin EKarin

I love this anime because of the very beautyful art and because of the romantic storyline, and the most of all because of the idea that there is a thief, who steals expensive things in there are demons hidden, in the name of God, to save the world. There is just one little thing that disturbes me, that in the manga is Maron, who says, that God can only make bad weather. I am a tolerant christian, but i just cannot agree with that. This is the only thing that i critisize about the manga, but dispite of that, both the manga and the anime says that we sould always believe, no matter what, and how important love is.

bafyte bafyte

Very fantasy like. It was good. I still love this anime to this day ever since I watched it. This anime was one of my first animes so I really love it since I was not disapointed. I love all the lovey dovey scenes and the guy is just too sexy xD

Ashton-Anchors Ashton-Anchors

I've never liked the early books of Jeanne, so the rating's a bit lower than it would be if it was later on. (I've only seen up to episode 2)
Hopefully, I can raise the rating to an 8 or a 9 by the time I'm done with it. :)

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