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Two ordinary high school girls, Himeko and Chikane, discover they are in fact the reincarnations of the lunar and solar priestesses, destined to summon the Ame no Murakumo to fight the evil of the Orochi and its eight necks.
Along with this they must deal with Souma, one of the Orochi who struggles with his destiny and his feelings for Himeko.

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Burnouts3s3's Kannazuki no Miko Tv Review

Rated: 7

Kannazuki no Miko is referred to as "The Greatest Shoujo-ai ever". This is mainly because the lesbian couple is confirmed to be canon. However, in terms of structure, setting, character and overall work as a whole, I doubt its status. There was so much potential to be tapped with the concept, but no one was willing to develop said concept if they were as dedicated as making stereotypical characters.

In the end, I really enjoyed Kannazuki no Miko because it was a Shoujo-ai. But because of the angst and how miserable the characters were, the incompetent villains, the leads being stereotypical, I cannot recommend Kannazuki no Miko. It's an anime that's melodramatic, fluffy and all in all, just a chore to watch. It ends strongly only because the beginning was so weak.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

This series is quite good and enjoyable; the artwork is really well made and beautiful, the story is quite engaging with exploring the varying aspects of love both pure and impure, and shows the facets of the two main characters Chikane Himemiya and Himeko Kurusugawa as individuals and as a pair. As far as the relationships in this series, the most complex one is between Chikane/Himeko...especially concerning Himeko's deep rooted feelings for Chikane and how it conflicts with her relationship with Souma Ogami, even before the events of the fateful 8th episode. I love the music of this series and the OP & ED themes by KOTOKO. The seiyuu performances are excellent and both Ayako Kawasumi and Noriko Shitaya both shine in their respective roles. The flaws I saw in this series is that the majority of the Orochi group suffer lack of characterization and development with vague insight on their backgrounds, except for Tsubasa. The weakest of the Orochi was Reiko and I felt she was just there to fill out the ranks. As for the ending, I appreciated the touching and emotional moments between Chikane and Himeko with them being honest in their feelings for one another. I pretty much liked the good aspects of their relationship and like all relationships, there are major hurdles in the road and I believe they overcame them with the tremendous love they have for one another. It is also a story of redemption as Chikane experiences a fall from grace and with Himeko's gracious heart, she brings Chikane back to the light with her love and warm feelings, something I feel Chikane haters take for granted. If you love shoujo-ai anime, then Kannazuki no Miko is a series to watch.


I usually do not go for Anime like this( Mecha) but I found myself loving this series. It is well written and has the right balance of Action and relationship angles not to mention amazing art that pops out at you. It is stunning in every way except one.

The only drawback is that it was made very short(12 Episodes) and seemed a little rushed in spots to accommodate this. If the developer had taken the time to expand into better details and let the story breath on its own... this would have been a near 10 Rating... because it is what it is, it got the rating it has now. Still worth watching though.

ghost945 ghost945

interesting mix religious feel with robotic world. in fact, it's quite difficult to comprehend. the centre theme didn't come out strong. the yuri theme however is rather strong towards the end. feels the whole thing without core, story incomplete.

Astara Astara

This was nearly as sweet as could be. Most of it was about longing and waiting, and longing. Being conflicted -- experiencing love versus 'love' as possession... sacrificing all for love, to experience love again...

Very heart-achy and sweet at same time...once you understand the sacrifice the Lunar Priestess, Chikane has made for Himiko, and you realize that her aggressive actions were not done out of jealousy, but out of love and a desire to protect her life, you realize the depths to which Chikane had to submit herself -- to losing her honor, her love's love, and her own life, in order to protect she who she loved and you can't help but feel her ache as she must part with her love once more... then you see Himiko, going through life -- a life without Chikana -- and she knows -- she feels her emptiness and waits...and finds again...

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