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Ryodraco's Kanokon Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 7

Kanokon is in many ways a typical ecchi romance comedy, except it kicks the borderline material up to about as high as it can possibly go without actually being hentai. And it does so in such a sweet and hilarious manner that it hardly even seems dirty. The love between Chizuru and Kouta is as sweet a thing as you could hope to find and a welcome respite from typical manga/anime stories where the couples dance around even admitting their feelings for years of chapters on end.

Overall both the manga and anime have a strange charm about them that makes them quite enjoyable to follow. This charm to me is in how you can come to like the fictional characters and be eager to see what happens to them next.

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Member Opinions

ai-yame ai-yame

I'm not really a fan of watching ecchi, but I can still say Kanokon was quite an entertaining series. The 'love' between Chizuru and Kouta is something one can find charming, and you might want to see how their relationship progresses throughout every episode.

LuckyShadow LuckyShadow

This anime wasn't really character relationship heavy. It was an ecchi (kinda a harem) at heart and to the core. This anime definently wasn't concerned with anything else; however, it kinda worked and was a fun and funny anime overall. It really got perverted at times, and this is definently not a family kind of anime; however, it was enjoyable and good for a "watch-through".

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