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When his parents are transferred overseas, Yuuichi Aizawa is forced to move in with his cousin, Nayuki, whom he hasn't seen for 7 years. All his memories of the time he had spent there in the past have faded, but with a series of encounters starting on the first day, his memories slowly start returning... along with the reason he lost them in the first place.

Synopsis: shadowfoxza.

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Syeung321's Kanon Tv Review

Rated: 8

Kanon is one of my favourite anime series and the only thing that i can say is better than Air at, is that it has more time for the developments of each character and for the audience to know them intimately rather than the fast-paced drama in every episode of Air though the episodes in Kanon never got boring.

The story and presentation was also straightforward and easily understood by watchers. I gotta say the funny bits were very well placed indeed. I enjoyed this anime immensely and loved the happy but gentle ending which was very appropriate and unexpected after watching Air (i thought sad endings were the producer's style, guess i was wrong).

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minayuri minayuri

My favorite of the Key series and I also feel that this is the best of Key's works by far (the 2006 KyoAni version + the original VN), with its' broad and various character types, masterful storytelling, and how it challenges the characters to deal with the hardships of life; such as rejection, problems within family relationships, tragic and life threatening accidents, etc..., and how they overcome those obstacles. I wish Key had continued making stories centered on the Kanon characters in their own After Story...such as meeting Yuuichi's parents, Yuuichi and those he cares for experiencing life as adults, and the like. Nayuki is my favorite girl of the series because she is the one I relate to the most and she's a total sweetheart. I equally love the primary heroine Ayu too, she's a cutie and quite quirky, and the friendship she and Nayuki share is adorable. Mai and Sayuri are characters I'm fond of too and what they share as friends is very endearing. Makoto is quite a vivacious character and her lively nature is entertaining to see, a shame what befalls her though later into her arc. With Shiori, she is a good character, but all I can see her in regards to a relationship with Yuuichi is like siblings. Nayuki, Mai, or Ayu are my top choices for Yuuichi's romantic prospects. I love that the KyoAni version cast Tomokazu Sugita as Yuuichi, he's an amazing seiyuu and Mariko Kouda's Nayuki was so moe. Akiko is my favorite Key mom, she has a lot of great qualities that I admire about her...even though she has that mysterious bad jam she makes...it's ingredients are one of the fun mysteries of anime. All in all, Kanon 2006 is an anime I highly recommend.


It´s the 3rd and last of my favs! Kanon is a story of a boy (Yuuichi) that comes back to his home town after several years but he forgot his past in that town! There are 5 girls that have sad storys where Yuuichi is somehow involved and helps them.
There are five girls in the story :
Ayu carries a winged-backpack, loves to eat taiyaki, and often says her "Ugū" catchphrase! XD
Nayuki is Yuichi's cousin, and has the super cute problem with sleeping in, and is almost imposible to get up in the morning.
Makoto lost nearly all of her memories! She does remember is her name, and that she holds a ( super funny) grudge against Yuichi XP
Shiori is a girl that never attends class due to an illness she has had since birth. She is usually a cheerful girl who wants her sister to acknowledge her most of all. ;( ( saaad and cuuute)
Mai is a silent girl who initially is cold to Yuichi and others, doesn´t have many friends. She spends her nights at the school slaying demons! ( Coool!)
My fav girl is Ayu she is 17 like him but shes small and looks like a kindergarden kid! She is crazy funny and loves tayaki ! Uguu! XD
Well basically all the girls are so funny that they are to die for waching !
It´s also the "Air" and "Clannad" stile of fantasy and supernatural but it´s really sad too!
Kanon is beautiful in lots of ways :) LOVE IT! X)

HurtHattori HurtHattori

My final thoughts on Kanon (2006) :
My first Key anime was Clannad, and I have watched Angel Beats!, so I was expecting both tears and laughter along with a large array of emotions and interesting characters. I wasn't disappointed at all; it's one of the best things I've watched, and I would watch Kanon again anytime.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I watched the dub. It was hilarious! I like Yuichi, but Ayu is seriously annoying and Makoto is a huge freakin brat and a pain in the butt, it's kinda hard for me to form any real smypathy for her past all of her aggrvating tendencies. I mean what she did to the little kitten that she and Yuichi found was insane and so messed up! I mean who the hell drops a kitten off a freakin' bridge?! Akiko is a very kind woman and I like her, but I think she's a bit too kind. So it's nice to see when she does put her foot down. Mai was alright.

ghost945 ghost945

humorous moments fill the rather serious presentation about relationships. although find it hard to swallow that an unconscious patient would have a separate soul/body wandering out at the streets. otherwise, characters ok. artworks quality high at its time. seiyuu above average. anime has its fair share of touching moments.

Nagysa Nagysa

It's very hard to comment Kanon when you're completely addictive to Clannad. It's too easy to find all the similitudes between the two. But I found something that I very appreciate this anime for what is it. The girl Mai, Makoto Ayu is very interesting, I love each story, very different and touching. I found the guy a little bit pathetic...I prefer Tomoya of Clannad, he is more charismatic and alive. Yuuchi it's a second role and I don't like that I sense as a lack of personality. It's letting live against to be proactive. But it's have more points at the end when he recover his memories and we search for Ayu...So cute!!!

randomly--random randomly--random

i watched the 2006 version of Kanon && i have to say that it's definitely a good anime. it has the same feeling as CLANNAD because they both have minimal supernatural stuffs. their drama and comedy levels are almost the same. if you like CLANNAD, you'll definitely like Kanon as well (and vice-versa). o(^ v ^)b

KyoXRena44 KyoXRena44

This was definitely an excellent anime on the whole, and I always find myself re-watching it every winter. It's pretty much become like a tradition to me at this point. Made from the same company as "Air", it naturally, has a very similar vibe to it. However, if this anime is watched prior to "Air", you might even notice the "Kanon" reference in "Air" where Yukito Kunisaki, Air's protagonist is talking to a set of girls who greatly resemble Kanon's "Ayu", "Nayuki", and "Makoto". Anyway, this anime will definitely have you laughing and crying. Regardless of how many times I watch through it, it NEVER gets old, and the emotional attachment still remains. Which is why this anime should also be rated as a perfect 10.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Lovely.. Romantic free of ECHi stuff... thats all i need to give it a 9.5 by 10.. but it did got great story line, presentation as wel as sound.

Among Clannad, Air and Kanon, air is average one. The three are well Touching, Kannon is more funny, Clannad is more Touchy while air has a much better fantasy plot then the others. Among the three i will give10/10 to CLANNAD, 9.75/10 to KANNON and 9.5/10 to AIR.

martirsadota martirsadota

As I have seen Clannad first, I can't help but compare the two. Kanon has more drama per arc, Clannad has more humor. But in my books, they are both excellent. I love how this series' drama takes you along, especially when executed with such good animation.

Whammy Whammy

It was made by the people who made Clannad, so I felt obliged to watch it. I've seen 10 episodes so far, and I have to say it's got some of the same emotional impact Clannad did. It is a little weirder than Clannad though, but that doesn't bother me. It's a charming, cute, and over all a good series even compared to Clannad. I just like Clannad a little bit better though.


Awesome anime somtimes a bit girly but thats ok. Very good drama anime with an outstanding storyline which I would score a high 9 to 10. Art is about a 9 or 10 also. Opening and ending themes were well done and fit the anime I would rate it along with the scores in the anime a high 8. Just a great story that keeps you intrigued and guessing the storyline right up to the end just get ready to shed a few tears on this one because there is a few tear jerking moments in this one. I would highly reccomend this no matter what genere you are in to.

Northy Northy

2006 version: Now having seen numerous Kyoto Animation shows, this one marks itself my favorite. Its visual novel game roots are plainly visible, but it's also clear that Kanon is based on a good game.

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