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StevOmaru StevOmaru

I got into this manga after reading a couple chapters of it in Shonen Jump, the story is a unique twist on the usual plot of good vs evil.

Artist Hiroyuki Takei teams of with american comic book writer Stan Lee to create a story about a war between good and evil and which one is ultimately stronger. The war participants are karakuridouji (mechanical boys) that are created by a genius scientists form the future who desires to know what is stronger between good and evil and each one represents one aspect of either good or evil. These mechanical boys are sent out to different parts of time and are given to human masters that must teach their mechanical boy about what good and evil really is.

After several years all the masters of the past are reincarnated as their past selves are are reunited with their mechanical boy who are all destined to fight to figure out which is stronger, good or evil.

A cool new twist on the usual good vs evil plot line with a good blend of comedy and drama with some great visual battles.

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