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Heartbroken seventeen year old Osaragi Hazumu travelled to the mountain-side to reflect on his feelings for Yasuna; the girl who rejected him. While looking out at the night sky Hazumu saw what appeared to be a shooting star. However, before he noticed the object's true identity the spacecraft collided into him killing him instantly. Feeling remorse the master of the ship recreated Hazumu's body in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Planetary Beings. IT was a perfect recreation with only one flaw... Hazumu is now 100% female!

Written by monkeysnatch.

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Member Opinions


One of the best, and surprising Yuri based Anime around. This was my first introduction into Yuri... and not my last. Perfect and funny, with a whole load of thought provoking sidebars that make the series a great one.

ghost945 ghost945

interesting plot -boy turned into girl but can't hold back to ask why the hell? and how the hell? i can understand girl-girl love but i don't understand why a guy would not seek how to turn himself back to a guy but rather just go about the life as a girl after? what the heck is he thinking?

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Oh my. Strangest,strangest love story. Temari, Yasuna and Hazmu. It can't compete anime like fruit basket, clannad etc. But yeah, the truth is I enjoyed it to the last bit. If any one like love triangles, this is ideal for them

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