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Weskalia's Katanagatari Tv Review

Rated: 9

Some have complained about the pacing of Katanagatari being a bit on the slow and deliberate side, but that does not show as much in this span of episodes as it does in some later ones. Besides, those looking for a more dedicated action fantasy probably gave up many episodes earlier anyway. This is not a fantasy action series, but a true and full-blooded fantasy series at its finest. It even does a superb job of taking the original novel and expanding it by enriching the characterizations and more thoroughly exploring the setting. It looks great, sounds good, and does its job well in world-building and character development departments. The end result makes this one of the decade's highlight anime series.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Decided to pick this up because the artwork got my attention; it's a style you don't see often. The episode lengths surprised me, but in a good way (it's not very often you see that in a regular series; it's more towards OVA's). Togame and Shichika are funny to watch.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

I liked the many unsaid and not shown things, the fake truth, the unspoken feelings and the objectives only revealed at the end. I liked the narration of the facts carried out by an external voice, which made the story looks like a fairy tale told by a dear granny before going to bed. I liked the animation and the art. Some fights were spectacular, to compensate for loooong speeches.
I didn’t feel particular sympathy for the characters, but my opinion was redeemed at the end. Both have shown various parts of themselves and have changed a lot, throughout the story.
I was surprised by the length of the episodes (almost 50 min.), each one with a different ending theme.
Anyway, more than a sword technique, the Kyotōryū looks like a martial art. Also, it left me a bit puzzled that guns and dolls can be defined swords: they are simply weapons.

SHOGUN: "I’ll give you the country, don’t you want power over the country?"
SHICHIKA YASURI: "Like I’d give a damn about that, cheerio!!"

singlemoon singlemoon

I think I stopped watching it at the 3rd episode. The whole swordsmanship without using sword is an awesome idea, and they definitely make it looks so cool.
But I can't continue watching it. Mostly because of the main characters. I'd probably watch it when I'm extremely bored. But for the time being, let's leave it unfinished.

kuchukuTulip kuchukuTulip

I must say the anime really amazed me, the characters grew enormously throughout just 12 episodes, everything was simply awesome, the story, the music, the art, and more importantly the ending was really really good.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Graphics and animation are true masterpiece, it reminds me of Okami. I could say Katanagatari is in the anime world what Okami was in the game world. I like the work of seiyuu here, thank God cause they talk so much... Im at 6th episode now and it has more and more action, but at the beginning thery are talking and talking, but these conversations arent stupid at all. It has a lot of good humor too. Oh well, overall its awesome so far, but I have still a long way to go^_^
Whoa, finished. I must say I'm impressed... really. Just as I thought, there is more and more action, focused on fighting scenes, plot is getting interesting in time with more characters on the stage. Strong characters. End was kinda suprising, good for it. Dont need to repeat myself about how amazing the animation style is. Pity that its time for me to close the book named Katanagatari, but Im truly glad I have opened it^_^ sounds cool, eh?^_^

Tezca Tezca

This is easily one of the best anime ever, if for nothing else, its art direction. It's hard to make a brief praising about the anime, because there is so much it does right.

So, I'll just leave it as this simple phrase, and call it perfect; Katanagatari is the Okami of anime.

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

Wasted 11 episodes collecting something they'd end up breaking in the end anyways D: It was such a let down! I man, I stil love tanime and I thought the art was so unique, but really now, what was the point of the whole journey if everything they do is undone in the end??? GAH so frustrating. But whatever, it was a good series and had some inner messages I think about just following what's best for you and not what's best for others. The romance was cute because it wasn't the focus of the series. I really loved that.

Nalataia Nalataia

I love the drawing; it is not usual, it gives strenght to the plot, it is a unique style... and graphics are very good. A little masterpiece

that, in my opinion, did not have the deserved recognition.

The plot is, indeed, excellent. Characters are all very innovative.

The second OP, by ALI Project, suits perfectly with the plot. In fact, it is called "Katana to Saya" - "Sword and Scabbard" and

represents with pinpoint perfection the relationship between the two main characters.

I really love this anime, an anime i found by chance.

zaira zaira

The animation is really unique! The action scenes are awesome! The music is cool! of course composed of Iwasaki Taku!
+ the plot is heavy but i love plenty of details well what do ya expect same author of Bakemonogatari :D

Rufusek Rufusek

The graphics are not in my style there I mean characters how are made and the rest is good. The story follows Togame the strategist which collects 12 of the perfected Shikizaki Kiki blades. To accomplish this task she went on inhabited isle where Kyotoryu master lives.. 7th generation Kyotoryu master Shichika Yasuri. Theis struggle to gather the sword in beggining seems easy but with time gets tougher and tougher going to unexpected ending. Maniwa ninja are one of the better parts and guys too bad some are too weak to gather blades. Princess and Emonzameon have quite interesting personalities. It hae lots of action and talking. Schichika action's will keep you entertained even though he have to hold back (can't go and break blades) I hope you too will enjoy this story

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