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Yagami Kazuma is a Fuujutsushi, a person who has the power of wind. He was born to the Kannagi family who are renowned for their ability in Enjutsu, the art of Fire. However, since Kazuma does not possess this ability, he is rejected by his parents. After he is defeated by his cousin Kannagi Ayano, Kazuma leaves home and returns to Japan 4 years later as a powerful Fuujutsushi. During Kazuma's absence, Ayano became the heir of the title Sousho, head of the family. Conflicts arise when several members of the family are murdered by a Fujutsushi and Kazuma is suspected.

Based on the synopsis by Elixer.

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  • Kaze no Stigma

    Kaze no Stigma

  • Kaze no Stigma

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Weskalia's Kaze no Stigma Tv Review

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Rated: 8

Kaze no Stigma is indeed a quality series, but at least all the effort mostly paid off in the second half. Its writing does improve overall, contributing better comedic and serious moments, with more fanservice is an added bonus, but its abrupt end does no favor. The immediate problems raised by the Pandemonium arc are resolved at the end, the bigger picture involving the key antagonists is not. Sadly, there certainly won't be any follow-up due to author Yamato Takahiro's passing which left the series unfinished.

Still, it's rare, thrilling even, to find a series with the courage to just wade into the plot fists swinging and start messing things up.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Kazuma was a smartass so that made him entertaining to watch. Rin was a bit whiny and annoying but it was nice to see him eventually grow a backbone and try to be helpful. I would've liked Ayano much more as a heroine if she wasn't so stubborn, mean and kinda bratty, even though sometimes Kazuma is the one who provokes her a lot of the time.


really good i like it kazuma and ayano are great couple thums up..... love it its my favorite anime for now had watched it 2 times...... OMG i really got blushed when kazuma kisses ayano on the lips and especially on the neck whoooo love this anime.....!!!

chiara chiara

I had much fun watching this series. For me, this series has with Kazuma by far one of the most awesome male leads ever -strong, confident till conceit, merciless, faithful in his beliefs but also caring and some times even sweet ;). His mean streak and darkness in personality makes him not only much more real but also stronger. I also enjoyed a lot how Kazuma teased Ayano who could be a bit annoying at times. It isn't a very original story but that must not necessarily be to entertain. The ending was promising for more but sadly there will be none.

Summer67 Summer67

Great: Loved this series. Great couple, fun, and lots of action. I really liked how the two main characters interacted and got along, or not got along with each other lol. There is always some fun moments when one likes another and just won't admit it, tries to fight it, and gets caught in it lol. This is another one I want to watch one more time I think.

Aiira Aiira

The summary was already a catcher and thus the anime did not disappoint. Kazuma was banished from his home and the Kannagi Clan. He was born in a family who wields and controls the fire. At a young age Kazuma fought his cousin Ayano for the Enraiha the Kannagi Family emblem and symbol of the family ruler/future head clan. Ayano beat Kazuma thus making him the 'loser' of the clan. What's worse is he is from the Main Family making him and everyone else confuse as to why he cannot control fire, but has the potential to control other elements. Four years later, he comes back and that is when the Kannagi Clan members started getting killed by a Wind Mage. All eyes turned to Kazuma which he denied too many times.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

Kaze no Stigma is neither an anime that I really like nor I really hate. It's somewhere in the middle. I watched this just to kill time and it was okay. The plot is fine and the characters are cute. I enjoyed it though. I just hate some scenes where Ayano's clothes are ripped off after the fight and Kazuma sees some of her body. Other than that, I have no more to say.


I have watched completely and really enjoyed the series. Beginning and ending theme music was pretty good and the scores during the anime fit the mood well. Art was about an 8 out of 10, the story line was quite engaging enough so to do a marathon watch on the series. Would recommend to anybody who enjoys fighting style anime that ties in to mysticism with a mild amount of fan service.


after watching this, i noticed a lot of anime has the main boy character having a lover that either died or ended up leaving before the anime starts... like this, inuyasha, gun x sword, etc... but i don't really dislike that. i find it kinda nice... well somehow. lol

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