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According to a legend, five hundred years ago, there was an unimportant lord who possessed a mysterious power that drew Ayakashi to him. A demon exterminator, Tokimori Hazama, was called on to protect the lord and his castle. The lord's power stayed on the land even when he had died. Thus, Tokimori founded the Hazama clan, who inherited his techniques, to protect the land for centuries to come. This land is Karasumori.

In the present day, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, heirs of the Hazama clan, are the Kekkaishi that protect Karasumori. They are ability users (people who can use supernatural powers) who use a technique called Kekkai. Kekkai is a form of magical energy barrier which is mainly used to capture and destroy ayakashi that are drawn to this sacred land. Any ayakashi that stay on the land become stronger. Yoshimori and Tokine are to guard the land from the intrusion of ayakashi who try to increase their own power there.

Credit: MisaSasekage

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Member Opinions

dchoggia14 dchoggia14

Mostly I not have interest watching long series but Kekkaishi got my attention from the first episode. Broadcasted right after I back from school make it my first choice for cooling down my head after a day at school.

singlemoon singlemoon

I love the 'kekkai', 'Ketsu' and 'metsu' idea, never saw other anime that practiced 'exploding kekkai', cause most use 'kekkai' as shield/protection. So I give credit for the whole idea. XD
The anime made Yoshimori lost some of his cool moment but I guessed that fine, at least he's still look awesome.

Onikami Onikami

Overall I enjoyed it, though the beginning was somewhat bland to me. I enjoyed the different animation style they used & the storyline was pretty good. Of course there is always something they "should" have or "could" have done but overall it was worth watching. I say give it a chance, I feel it wasn't as "dark" as they were trying for but & it actually came across as a "happy" anime which is weird considering the storyline. Regardless everyone should at least watch it once.

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