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After going through numerous wars, mankind has finally formed an interstellar union. However, there are still many disputes occurring amongst the members of the union itself. In order to resolve this dispute, a secret organization known as G.O.T.T. is formed. This organization trains agents with special powers to fight in order to keep the peace.

Agents Éclair and Lumière are two girls with outstanding abilities training and operating under G.O.T.T., assigned as partners. Together they fight, slowly delving deeper to uncover the dark secrets of the organization they work for.

Sequel: Kiddy GiRL-AND.

Description: niomea.

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Vveexx' Kiddy Grade Ova Review

Rated: 8

The series starts out as a really light hearted affair that puts a smile on your face or makes you laugh out loud each episode. The series however, does take a dark and unexpected turn closer to the end. The plot also becomes increasingly complicated towards the end. You really have to pay attention and follow the story to understand why some of the characters seem to be flipping out.
Some people have complained that the series doesn't make any sense, but it does. You can't skip episodes or halfway pay attention to the later episodes.

Even after it's dark turn it's still a really enjoyable show that I love.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I enjoyed this Gonzo series and the story of Eclair and Lumiere in their journey to upkeep justice in the galaxy, facing ghosts of the past, finding redemption, and coming to terms of who they are. Amazing plot and great characters drive the story.


I really like how they pulled this one off by lulling the viewer into a false sense just before flooring the accelerator. Also, the artwork and animation is hard to deny, and I like the universe they built around it. Still, a slow start and some issues toward the end drag it down a bit.

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

I love this series plot and the colorful characters within it. By far, Eclair and Lumiere take the cake on the cutest girls in the series, and I happen to be a fan of Dextera and Sinistra. ^////^ This series evokes so many emotions, it's insane, but you want to watch it through to the end just to see what happens to everyone in it. I have to say I would watch this over again, definitely. I love it! <3

andy4andain andy4andain

About this anime i only can tell that it was awesome!!(First anime that I saw <3 ) I am a huge fan of Eclair,she's my obsession xD About Lumiere ,she's cute!!(I wish that she could be real,to fix my problems with my pc xD )About who i hate,Armblast of course! The story line and the soundtracks are really unforgivable.The design of Calliope or La Muse is amazing! xD I love it! <3 A few word about Eclair : She changed her body so many times,sometimes due to some circumstances,in the very first episode when I saw her I really like her <3 and I still like her.

ghost945 ghost945

good plot, begain and unfolded in conventional pattern but ended with a twist. find it hard to swallow though that almost all survived at the end. characters ok. seiyuu so so. a bit too many characters to comprehend. many without own detail development.

Yunibarasu-no-Yousei Yunibarasu-no-Yousei

I've been completely stunned by this series plot twists and Eclair's past as well as the sheer emotion in every episode up to "As Time Goes By" (So upset about what happened in Conflict/Destiny) but I feel a little disappointed with it's sequel KIDDY GiRL-AND. I prefer the Original idea in the Kiddy Grade 2 promo DVD.....

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