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riho88riho riho88riho

Loved the whole series. It's actually one of those "short" series with only 12 episodes. But there is a plot that it follows well and to an extent it has depth about it as well. Main character is Jiro, the humanoid robot that can feel human emotions and is basically just that, a human...but a robot. >__<;; There's also a main love interest that causes some "drama" (not really but some might perceive it that way). Either way, the whole series is about Jiro fighting against all the bad robots because he's basically human, and they're not. Their creator is just evil and makes them all fight eachother. Sooo good-against-evil kinda thing with the twist of Jiro is still discovering what's good/bad in the world since he woke up with no memory and only feelings.

[Spoiler Ahead]

Ending was rather semi-sad. They all survive, but you have to wonder if they're "together" or not in the end. They kiss and all that, they're an obvious couple from that point of view. She believes he'll come back and she'll be waiting, but we obviously know that he's emotionally scared because of the whole robot-human-no-do thing. Buuuuut they're such a cute couple! Not to mention he's close enough to human that who cares? Only difference between Jiro and humans is that he can't reproduce (I'm assumin' at least). But her lil' bro is like a kid for em anyway, so she doesn't need that... GAH! He shoulda went back to her >__<;;

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