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Member Opinions

HatedAngel HatedAngel

The very fact that I can watch this is proof that the many years of watching anime has made me numb to the site of eechi.

Anyway, the animation takes getting used to, but once you do get used to it it gets friggen beautiful. I guess it grows on you. Or atleast it did me.
The story is also pretty intriguing as well
The weird thing tho about the eechi in this show is that I have a hard time considering it as "fanservice" because the way they do it isn't really even that sexy. I guess they have a few moments in the beginning that kinda do this but later on literally everybody is naked but it still seems to have no sex appeal at all. Maybe its just me

angelxxuan angelxxuan

so, got two episodes in and came to a quick conclusion. the plot was alright, it reminded me of too many anime I've seen in the past, such as FLCL and bleach and also some dead leaves. there was too much ecchi and I lost interest in it and read the spoilers instead.


FUCKIN TEN OUTTA TEN DUDE. So fantastic. Hilarious, intense, and light-hearted at the same time. Every character is cool, the story is awesome, the fan service -- while being fan service -- makes me laugh, and it's just amazing. My favorite anime thus far, 2015.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I wasn't sure at first, but after saying I'd give it at least three episodes, it kept me coming back and I ended up enjoying the series a lot more than I thought I would. The anime was very unique as far as the plot. There's also nice comedy and good fights as well. Mako is just an awesome friend. Gamagoori x Mako FTW^^ The only real issue I had was the way the anime handled Ryuuko's character development because at times it was really all over the place. But in terms of the action, it was great. Happy that was a full-cour series and I enjoyed it.

Suxinn Suxinn

/anime/ At first the art direction was really interesting and overshadowed a lot of its problems, but once the novelty wore off, Kill la Kill turned into just another generic action ecchi series. Nothing really new here to see, and I have a variety of other problems with it. Not enjoying this, but, hey, at least there's Mako. Mako is the best.

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