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Blue-Crescent Blue-Crescent

To watch Kimagure Orange Road at first was a gamble because before I watch an anime I make that the art is good on the eyes but as the story progresses I seem to be hooked by the plot. What I love about this is the idea that the guy's family are espers.Also, despite that it's an old anime, I really got a crush on Madoka Ayukawa.What I love the most is the ending.Despite the distance of the guy and girl to each other, they will always end up listening to the sound of their hearts that beat as one. Also, I find this anime to have a deep message to its viewers like importance of patience when loving and sacrificing for the sake of friendship.I recommend this to all anime lovers who love slice of life genre.

minayuri minayuri

A great series that is filled with many emotions such as joy and laughter to sadness and anxiety. The main characters Kyosuke, Madoka, and Hikaru drive the story as their love triangle is carried through junior high to the cusp of adulthood. Things get emotional when the time comes when Kyosuke must choose one of his love interests. Kimagure Orange Road is a wonderful coming of age anime as the characters grow and deveop from youths to adults.

ghost945 ghost945

great stuff in relationships presentation. centre focus and theme comes out nicely. more importantly, the relationships is very human fills with laughter and sadness, dilemma and choices. one of the master pieces of love story.

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