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Kyosuke's King of Fighters Tv Review

Rated: 6

-KOF94-95: 3vs3 Team battles, with a gameplay more simple than other SNK titles, with the incursion of a lot of characters from FF and AOF. Though the system felt weird in the beginning, it was fun and easy to play (though the Desperation Moves are hard to execute).

-KOF96-98: still using the Team battle system, but now with a lot of changes that made the gameplay faster and more aggressive (short jumps, rolls, Super Desperation Moves, different modes (ADV and EXTRA), etc). IMO the best "age" of the saga.

-KOF99-2k1: now you have a 4 members Team system, and the addition of the Strikers. Being 2k a big exception, this was the worst KOF "age", because of the balance issues, some bad-implemented sub-systems (Counter and Armor), etc.

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