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Weskalia's King of Thorn Tv Review

Rated: 7

Despite a problem that it starts giving off a video game vibe, King of Thorn is still an exciting, engaging story of the struggle to maintain some sort of society in a harsh, unfamiliar environment. It has all of the elements of a classic survival epic – monsters, diseases, an unfriendly wilderness with no perceived escape, and our own ability as humans to lie. While it can be laid on a bit thick at times, and the lack of complicated ideas may be a drag to some, it's still an engrossing one with an intact story, good visual presentation and great packaging. If it drags on too long, it may be in trouble, but at this point, the movie is not only a compulsive watch, but an enjoyable escape into adventure for a few hours.

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Member Opinions

angelxxuan angelxxuan

outstanding in detail to art, plot and idea. watched subbed, here lately been enjoying them in original vs dub, because fandub just pushes out so many mistakes that are missed in the original, or wrong word usage that takes a serious moment and turns it laughable. great character development and plenty of gore, definite not for the young or faint at heart.

singlemoon singlemoon

It's an interesting story, quite confusing if you're not paying close attention.
Since I'm into survival horror right now, I really enjoyed watching it. Lots of mysteries in the early presentation but it's finally solved in the end.

stargem stargem

Not an anime, but a manga... After reading the series, it remains very confusing while keeping you interest on the main points of what is occurring. I must say that it is a sad series that keeps a subtle and minor happy element within it's "thorns" or agony. Without saying anymore I will say that it's ending was very sad, and was entirely unexpected. I entirely intend to watch the movie as soon as it becomes available.

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