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Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

One of my friend recommend me this anime.. I dont like ECHII stuff, so after watching quarter of the episode, i quited,(hentai disu ka??!!!!) but since ,me and my friend love romantic anime, he forced me to watch it.. and when i did.. i gave 8.75..a perfect ending. Only if the ECHII stuff is removed, i would have given it a perfect score.
But i guess thats not possible eh.. 'Couse it will change the whole anime...


This is one of the best ecchi that I had watched. The scenes are good, and I recommend it to anyone who love ecchi(s). The characters are just fine and their personalities match to the genre. Really love the plot and their father is really awesome.. Happy anime to be watch, it enlightens my mood. I love this anime, thumbs-up.

ghost945 ghost945

great for ecchi, unbelieveable story but that's why it's anime not real life. out male lead again a useless guy in and out just happened to grow up with twin sister. seiyuu ok. characters ok. artworks alright.

Onikami Onikami

I was very skeptical when deciding to watch this anime. I'm not very fond of Ecchi, but this one ended up being entertaining. It was an original story, and had plenty of humor. Overall I'd say I was glad to have watched it. ^_^

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

Two words - borderline / hentai...god bless the Japanese! Seriously, I cannot believe this series got the green-light to become an aired series either considering how much moaning and sex related content is involved. It's still loads of entertainment and really puts a smile on anyone's face that's looking for something weird or out there!

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