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Weskalia's Kobato Tv Review

Rated: 9

Kobato. isn't going to appeal everyone with its store full of effortlessly sugary sweetness, and in the end, it might feel a little hollow, but it does, at the very least, do a narratively competent and entertaining job telling a delightful story of magic and romance. Madhouse's visual prowess is on full display once again, and the result is a beautiful, carefully detailed and altogether pleasant wisp of an anime that does absolutely everything – from the characters' personalities to the story construction to the emotional stakes that hold the whole thing together – in miniature. It's a fitting and reasonable welcome to the warm and familiar pleasure of Kobato.'s world and one of the finest and most entertaining anime series in recent memory.

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Member Opinions

KazablanKa KazablanKa

Another CLAMP i watched, and yet; The best!
i'm in most not into the nice goofy girly girls, especially in Anime, i actually hate them and find 'em as the anime's weak point... but for some reason,i liked "Kobato", i mean i don't know, maybe cuz she was too goofy and cute to be hated!?
Eventually i liked her so much, in fact i liked almost all characters (what to do with CLAMP..)
for the story, i surly loved it. it was so fun. Don't know if the ending was rushed but i somehow feel so, yet i still liked it.
So yeah, this anime sure hast it, it is Funny and really enjoyable to be watched, the art is cool, the OP & Ending themes with the voice actors are well chosen...
All in All, i LOVED it and hope that everyone would :)


So much emotions! I cried in the last few episodes of this... So beautiful and I think that somehow this was slightly better than the manga. Probably because in the anime I can hear Kobato singing and they are all moving and I can hear their voices. I would have wanted some of the scenes in the anime from the manga, but I can live without that. =)

kawaii89 kawaii89

Ioryiogi san...u r so mean! Hold on your fire plez...dont like blow it to Kobato. Hahah...poor Kobato. I thought they will never seen & meet anymore but i was so happy when at the end they meet again. Ow...i also love when kobato singing with her lovely voice. When she singing for the tree...so sad. :-( She's so kind !

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

This series, like some other ones has a klutzy females protagonist with a heart of gold, as the lead - but in this anime, it's done correctly. Something that I enjoy quite a bit. I facepalm at Kobato's antics, and lack of understanding, but I still can't help but adore her. I'm still watching this series, but overall, it's handling characterizations very well, the animation is beautiful, and the music is gorgeous. I can't wait to see how the series unfolds.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

I admit it : I hated this series at first. I watched the first episode after a very hard day, in hope to change my mind; instead of the solace I hoped, I found Kobato annoyingly whiny and Ioryogi irritating. I kept on accumulating the following episodes and during some holiday, I gave her another chance. And then, Kobato captured my heart in her bottle and she kept it with her in the second episode : there is this kid who hears a lot of bad things about his mother raising him alone, and after he defends her, Kobato tells him that he has a wonderful mom. I was hooked, and Kobato soon become my weekly feel-good series.

Raffachan Raffachan

Just finished it, and I have to say that's another adorable CLAMP's work :)
At the beninnig I didn't like the Kobato character, too much stupid >.> But all episodes are really special, and I can't finish it more quickly than I can!

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

Honestly, I think that Kobato is very much for children... but that's just only a comment as I only saw the first 2-3 episodes and I sort off dropped it because of some troubles in watching it. I may complete it but I think it's not something I would enjoy much. Not my cup of tea... the art looks fine though (as it was by CLAMP). The music was also okay.

Nagysa Nagysa

First time my brother says Listen that I'm thinking....What's that a psychopath Stuffed animal??? And a girl who collect stones in a bottle??? But When I came out for listening anime I ask my brother to give me the DVD and I start with the first episode...I dislike completly...Really , the voice, the dog and the story, It's the first time I see a CLAMP production...
But when she sing to the baby. I say in my mind Wow! And I want to see the sequel ,and after 11 episode I'm completly addictive...I want to know more about this story...It's a medley between Clannad and Nodame (cute part and the falling Kobato part.) I'm greatly surprise and I enjoy now this story

OctaDiamond OctaDiamond

Well, what can I say? I enjoy CLAMP's work in general, & I like how this story was managed into an anime. Sure, I do have a few objections here & there, the biggest of which is that...song Kobato kept hammering into our skulls so relentlessly(at least at no given time it was stated that she sings like an angel, as in the manga), & I do miss those subtle hints implying that Ioryogi-san could have something to do with Kobato's seemingly endless wardrobe without her having a wardrobe to begin with(that cellphone conjuring trick was neat), & so on. I do like the fun & the humor however, the good pace of the narrative, the CLAMP crossover element(Touya, Kohaku, Legal Drug, xxxholic, & such), & the TRC gang showing up post TRC was rather cool, along with the many CLAMP points borrowed from other CLAMP stories to wrap up the anime convincingly..

aitai aitai

I loved this series and felt that it is one of Clamp's more cohesive story-telling attempts. I've heard that the anime is significantly different from the manga, so I can't speak for the manga, but I felt like Kobato's relationship with Kiyokazu was somewhat rushed and though he was kind sometimes, was mostly one-sided. This made the ending sequence have significantly less impact than I think it might have had otherwise. Nevertheless, I still had a good cry and enjoyed it.


What can I say Kobato simply stole my heart away... Kobato-chan is the definition of MOE, all her antics to fill her little glass bottle of human sadness so she may have her wish granted all the mean while driving Ioryogi crazy and learning human er... "behavior/customs"... it is everything you would expect of CLAMP's work while still grabbing a hold of the readers attention with the lovely story and Art... it is indeed something to watch and read!

shinjitedesu shinjitedesu

This series just made my day! Kobato is such a cute, perky and optimistic girl. What i most like about the anime is the (kind of) yet SLIGHTLY romance between Fujimoto-kun and Kobato-Chan. I'd love to see them as a couple, or a kiss indeed. Well, anyways: I started watching it yesterday and i've reached episode 20, which is the newest. Kobato is still ongoing, so i hope my rating can get higher.

lkmjr lkmjr

One of CLAMP's better works. A magical girl, just without the magic. Kobato is wonderful character, is a very mysterious one. Her potential love interest falls rather flat, however. A very relaxing, heartwarming series. Fairly good music. Art is average, though the character designs are amazing (my only complaint is that Kobato and Fujimoto look a little too much like Sakura an Shaoran, but this being CLAMP there is a prety good chance that there is a reason for that). Fans of the manga might complain that the anime deviates from the source material too much, but taken separately they each have their own merits.


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CuteSherry CuteSherry

Latest Clamp's manga, Kobato is a pretty nice read, but with a mood which might not be as "light" as it seems at first sight~ Still, a delightful read. I'm starting to buy the mangas a soon as they are licensed! And the anime starts in October 2009, real soon ^^

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