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Chobitz7's Kodomo no Jikan Manga Review

Rated: 9

This volume is alot more mature than the prev... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA AHAAAAAAA
sorry. no, this volume is still a wierd little.... thing...
it is no way as immature as the previous volume, but it is getting there. The art in the Rin/Renji backstory section is actually good and fits the story and the mood perfectly, but it is still early, and our author is still getting a feel for the characters, and being that this is her longest running series, this is the series she finnally finds her place, and therefore, the more you get in, the better.

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Member Opinions


The anime was good... but the manga is a masterpiece. The anime was hilarious and does touch some "sensitive" subjects but overall it was toned down greatly when compared to the manga, but the general genre remains. Personally I see this anime as more than just series with the tag loli-con attached, and feel the strong presence of these children's characters and **mostly** in the manga how they begin to grow and mature as humans emotionally and physically, this series is not your average pedobear tagged series it delves deep into the human consciousness and connects to the feelings children have, growing through childhood and reaching adulthood which for whatever reason we tend to forget what it feels like to be in their shoes I feel compelled to say that we need to take a couple of steps back and really look at Kaworu-sensei work as more than what the genre suggest. The protagonists of the series all have their own shit they are going through whether adult or child and I believe it's this particular thought that we should not negate and the series emphasizes on, that children young as they maybe they too have their own problems to deal with, so before we begin to say things like disturbing we should really have an honest look at this series~~ after all this series is translated into 'A Child's Time' for a reason ~ne


Funny in parts, but deeply disturbing. I watched it first with my friend and fellow Anime freak... and we both were stunned with what we were seeing. Not for everyone, the series tends to lean on the lecherous antics of young girls towards their hapless Teacher. It was almost vial the way it was made, and I am sure that this could nearly be called illegal in some places.

Truly, this made me take a step back, and shake my head a time or two.

stargem stargem

An odd story of a 3rd grade girl who falls in love with her teacher. The story is strange and takes many odd turns. It is filled with slight doses of humor but is more based upon the theme of a romance. I am currently about halfway through the series and am taking a break from it for the moment.

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