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Fallenway's Kodomo no Omocha Tv Review

Rated: 9

the only thing that makes me stay glued in front of my television screen is the fact that Kodocha is SO FUN to watch! it's storyline may not be the most original around, but it sure is made into something so exciting that you just have to watch another episode just to find out what happens next.

also, the scenes are drawn in dramatic ways, and each similar scene is drawn different from the previous one. This aspect of the anime makes it fresh, as similar scenes tend to bore the audience.

the most prominent quality of kodocha- its highly humorous plot. nothing can ever beat sana's weird expressions, her loud and screechy voice, how vigorously she moves and my personal favourite, "the thing".

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Member Opinions

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

I have seen the first and second seasons of Kodocha, but us silly Americans have yet to have the rest of it out on DVD. :(
I love this series, and own both seasons on DVD. Perfect anime to watch when you're depressed... :D

trofikabinet trofikabinet

This anime reminds me of my childhood. It's funny, inspiring and great to watch. I remember that I went through the series a couple of times and it was always interesting. The plot is great and as we watch we follow the characters development from little kids to teenagers with stronger bonds and bigger emotional problems then at the beginning of the series. I still love it and it will always remain one of my all-time favorite animes I've ever watched.

CuteSherry CuteSherry

I only saw some random episodes here and there, but I own the whole manga books. Great shoujo but quite depressing when nearing the end, considering the age of the protagonists, you would have expected lighter themes. Still, a great work!

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