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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Manga 8/10 for me. This manga is very powerful, I was saddened to see it end. Definitely gives you a thorough look at bullying & making amends. It was very nice to see Shouya go from being a bully, experiencing bullying firsthand & then to going so far to make it up to Shouko, just awesome. The story was very emotional, but really well done.

Movie: 5/10 A lot of scenes were rushed or cut all together, so the emotional impact was killed quite a bit.

dchoggia14 dchoggia14

I watched this movie thrice on the cinema. As a movie,Koe no katachi story line is mostly clear and understandable. Only one thing I do not understand even after rewatching in the cinema and reading the manga, how the heroine fall in love with the hero. Was it because he learned sign languange and wanted to be her friend. Just like that? Without a proper apologise? Seriouly?

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