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Koihime Musou Series, Visual Novel

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Koihime Musou Scans

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Z827's Koihime Musou Game Review

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Rated: 8

This is a Review of Koihime Musou
Waddya know , this Visual Novel was unexpectedly good in comparison to what I had expected it to be like.
Well , sure , it can be perverted at times - but heck , at least it isn't a 24/7 matter like in it's Anime counterpart and nor is it quite as boring.
Storyline-wise it may be somewhat average but the artwork , unique concept and the fact that they've altered history in such a "horrible and horrendous" way is simply... amusing.

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Member Opinions


Just finished watching it today( Borrowed the DVD)... and I was both enthralled - and perplexed. It is a finally written Anime, yet it leaves me feeling as if things were missing in the development of it. It is a amazing show, full of characters that are pretty well rounded.. the Yuri angle is a nice touch... but something just does not sit right in it.

Dunno what it is that I am not seeing, but it has effected my rating of the series. It is well worth watching. I just might watch it again before giving the DVD back... I am wanting to understand what it is that I am not picking up.

t1myah t1myah

i highly enjoyed this one. The gazillion female characters, majority of which have lesbian tendencies towards the main character is pleasing to the ecchi crowd and myself :P. The Chinese setting and the halberd type weapons are a nice change. (my favorite char in soul calibur is seong mi-na so no wonder i loved the weapons :P)

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