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todsen todsen

The only new anime title I watched before 2013 ended. The way the story dealt with heart issues was really good. I defintely have learned valuable stuff from this series. My favorite is probably the Michi Random arc; it was intense, haha. I especially liked the ending song and video for the Kako Random arc. Although, this may be the first anime I watched in which I don't have a specific favorite character. Well maybe Inaban's older brother who had a cameo in a couple of episodes I think, lol and oh yes speaking of Himeko, chibi!Inaban was OH SO cute!!!

Anime sites should change their plot summary for Kokoro Connect. I initially thought that this anime is just going to be all about 5 friends who have switched bodies with each other, lol.


This anime is awesome and it is unlike your typical anime, it is somehow unique in its own way. The plot is great and there is a very good characters. The idea of the story is very promising and very clever. The anime composes also of mixed emotions, the sadness the comedy and the thrill… Very cool anime and it is very worth to be watched. I recommend it to be watched, because it is really awesome.

erdeteha erdeteha

a friendship is 'bout connecting our hearts. although the event is so absurd, but the story itself could tells us 'bout the meaning of being a friend. really like it, especially when in the end Taichi is going out with Himeko.

awkwardusername awkwardusername

It started slow, but after a while, it became awesome. I instantly forgot that they look like characters from another anime (looking at K-On). I actually thought KyoAni made this when I saw the teaser poster.

dchoggia14 dchoggia14

Okay, I rewrite my personal comment after I complete watched CK. Like I said before this anime will be interesting and now this anime truly my favorite because the story very touching and full with emotions. Some of you maybe thinking the characters have endless "abnormal problems" and always figthing in every episode but hey, what happends after those fightingsthat make this animeworth to watch. You will founds heart warming scenes about friendship.

Also, some of you maybe aware about scandal that involved few CK staffs, I tell you, that scandal just a public missunderstanding.

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